Aug 15 2017

0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards, Up to 18 Months – Compare 1563 Offers #whats #my #credit #score

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Balance Transfer Credit Cards

M your current balances, too, have some bearing on your approval, even if you pay on time and without paying any interest. More generally, your debt-to-income ratio — credit card debt included — is an oft-relied upon measure for your creditworthiness. The same goes for debt utilization. There s no exact science to it, but, generally, we recommend you stay under 30% of your card s credit limit. Much more than that and your lenders start to get a little nervous. Whenever you next apply for a card, make sure to pay off balances where you can. Otherwise, you may end up with another denied application. Good luck on the credit card hunt! Let us know if you have any further questions.

Ba Sh. interest free loan for 15 months with 0 closing costs. cant get better than this

David Simmer. Be aware too, you won t be able to transfer balances from (for example) a Chase card to another Chase card. Found this out after getting approved.

Emillion. Thank you 🙂 Looks better now with the True Balance Transfer Cost but for some reason it does not work for 1 year. I would suggest 3 months increments instead of years.

Emillion. Ranked by Introductory APR? Your algorithm should take into consideration the transfer fees and add them to the APR. 0% APR for 6 months with 3% transfer fee is about 6% APR, for example. Both Discover More and Citi Diamond have transfer fees, that would put Chase Slate on the first place with real 0% APR.

disappointed. I just applied with Citi for a balance transfer hoping to get a card with lower interest rate. Citi denied it due to high balances. My mid credit score is 710. Just a warning even with good credit if you have high balances you will get denied. Very disappointing after hearing about the help they ll give you on a national tv show.

NerdWallet. I d advise speaking to a financial counselor, one who will give you a free and unbiased consultation on how best to manage your finances. Check out the FTC s guidelines on choosing a credit counselor for some tips:

Mookie. I have 500,000 investments and 50,000 in credit card debt. what should i do short of taking money out of investments, 67 and retired

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