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Fico company-Profile: Fair Isaac Corp (FICO.N) Related Topics: FICO.N on New York Stock Exchange 352.72 USD 30 Aug 2019 Full Description Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), incorporated on May 15,

Profile: Fair Isaac Corp (FICO.N)

Related Topics:

FICO.N on New York Stock Exchange

352.72 USD
30 Aug 2019

Full Description

Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO), incorporated on May 15, 1987, is a provider of analytic, software and data management products and services that enable businesses to automate and connect decisions. The Company operates through three segments: Applications, Scores and Decision Management Software. The Company provides a range of analytical solutions, credit scoring and credit account management products and services to banks, credit reporting agencies, credit card processing agencies, insurers, retailers, healthcare organizations and public agencies.

The Company’s solutions involve four fundamental disciplines: analytics, which include predictive analytics that identify risks and opportunities associated with individual customers, prospects and transactions, in order to detect patterns such as risk and fraud, as well as optimization analytics that are used to improve the design of decision logic or strategies; data management and transaction profiling that bring consumer information to every decision; software, such as decision management systems that implement business rules, models and decision strategies, often in a real-time environment, as well as software for managing customer engagement, and Consulting services.

The Applications segment includes pre-configured decision management applications designed for a specific type of business problem or process, such as marketing, account origination, customer management, fraud, collections and insurance claims management, as well as associated professional services. These applications are available to customers as on-premises software, and are available as hosted, software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications through the FICO Analytic Cloud. The Company develops industry-tailored decision management applications, which apply analytics, data management and decision management software to specific business challenges and processes. Its applications primarily serve clients in the banking, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare, retail and public sectors. The Applications segment includes Marketing Applications, Originations Applications, Customer Management Applications, Fraud and Security Management Applications, Collections and Recovery Applications, Customer Communication Services and Analytic Services.

The Company’s chief offerings for marketing are FICO Analytic Offer Manager and FICO Customer Dialogue Manager. These solutions offer a suite of products, capabilities and services designed to integrate the technology and analytic services needed to perform context-sensitive customer acquisition, cross-selling and retention programs and deliver mathematically optimized offers. Services offered in its marketing solutions include customer data integration services; services that enable real-time marketing through direct consumer interaction channels; campaign management and optimization services; interactive tools that automate the design, execution and collection of customer response data across multiple channels; and customer data collection, management and profiling services. It provides solutions that enable banks, credit unions, finance companies, alternative peer-to-peer and online lenders, auto lenders and other companies to automate and improve the processing of requests for credit or service. Its FICO Origination Manager, an application-to-decision processing solution, is available both on premises and in the FICO Analytic Cloud. Its other solutions include the Web-based FICO LiquidCredit service, which is primarily focused on credit decisions and is offered largely to mid-tier banking institutions. It also offers custom and consortium-based credit risk and application fraud models. Its customer strategy management products and services enable businesses to automate and improve risk-based decisions for their existing customers. Its primary account and customer strategy management product is FICO TRIAD Customer Manager, a credit management system, available both on premises and in the FICO Analytic Cloud. It markets and sells FICO TRIAD Customer Manager software licenses, maintenance, consulting services, and strategy design and evaluation.

The Company’s fraud products analyze transactions in real time and generate recommendations for immediate action, which is critical to stopping third-party fraud, as well as first-party fraud and deliberate misuse of account privileges. Its fraud solutions are designed to detect and prevent a range of fraud and risk types across multiple industries, including credit and debit payment card fraud; e-payment fraud; deposit account fraud; healthcare fraud; Medicaid and Medicare fraud; and property and casualty insurance claims fraud, including workers’ compensation fraud. FICO fraud solutions protect financial institutions, insurance companies and government agencies from losses and damaged customer relationships caused by fraud and related criminal behavior. Its main fraud detection solution is FICO Falcon Fraud Manager. FICO Fraud Predictor with Merchant Profiles is used in conjunction with Falcon Fraud Manager on payment card monitoring for credit and debit to improve fraud detection rates through the inclusion of merchant profiles. FICO Application Fraud Manager helps businesses prevent both first- and third-party fraud during the application process. The FICO Card Alert Service prevents automated teller machine (ATM) debit fraud by identifying counterfeit payment cards and reporting them to issuers.

FICO Debt Manager solution and FICO PlacementsPlus service automate the full cycle of collections and recovery, including early collections, late collections, asset disposal, agency placement, recovery, litigation, bankruptcy, asset management and residual balance recovery. PlacementsPlus service facilitates control over the distribution and management of accounts to agencies, attorneys, debt buyers and internal recovery departments. FICO Debt Management Solutions also include assessments, models and scores, predictive analytics, advanced customer engagement, optimization and speech analytics capabilities. FICO Customer Communication Services provide customer engagement, fraud resolution, and collections solutions in the cloud. It enables financial services institutions, utilities, telecommunications firms, insurers, and other businesses to engage in automated two-way communications. It allows businesses to reach customers in real time using short message service (SMS), mobile applications, automated voice, e-mail and other channels; resolve matters, such as verification of suspicious credit or debit card transactions; request missed payments; and resolve customer service issues. The Company performs custom predictive, descriptive and decision modeling and related analytic projects for clients in multiple industries to address business processes across the customer life cycle.

The Scores segment includes business-to-business scoring solutions and services, business-to-consumer scoring solutions and services, including myFICO solutions for consumers, and associated professional services. Its scoring solutions are distributed through major credit reporting agencies across the world, as well as services through which it provides scores to clients directly.

The Company’s FICO Scores are used in the majority of the United States credit decisions, by all of the major banks, credit card organizations, mortgage lenders and auto loan originators. Credit grantors use its FICO Scores in a range of ways: to prescreen candidates for marketing programs; evaluate applicants for new credit, and manage existing customer accounts. FICO Score is a three-digit score ranging from 300-850. They are calculated by running data from the United States national credit reporting agencies, such as TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. It offers a range of other broad based scores, including several specific FICO Industry Scores. Its FICO Score XD looks at public records and property data, and a consumer’s history with mobile, landline phone and cable payments, to generate scores on the same 300-850 scale as standard FICO Scores. It also provides FICO Score based products, education and information on FICO Scores to consumers. The myFICO products and subscription offerings are available online at Consumers can use the Website to purchase their FICO Scores, including credit reports associated with the scores, explanations of the factors affecting their scores, and customized information on how to manage their scores. Consumers can also subscribe to monitoring services, which deliver alerts via e-mail and text when changes to a user’s FICO Scores or other credit report content are detected. In addition, consumers can purchase identity theft monitoring products that alert consumers of potential risks of identity fraud with detection, defense and identity restoration services.

Decision Management Software

The Decision Management Software segment consists of analytic and decision management software tools that clients can use to create their own custom decision management applications, its new FICO Decision Management Suite, as well as associated professional services. The Company provides analytic and decision management platforms and tools that businesses use to build their own tailored, analytically powered decision management applications on-premises, within the FICO Analytic Cloud or via third-party cloud environments, such as Amazon Web Services. The Decision Management Suite includes the FICO Decision Management Platform, along with capabilities for building and customizing predictive analytic, decisioning, and optimization components and services; developing, orchestrating and publishing analytics-powered applications; and visualizing, analyzing and reporting data trends. The Decision Management Suite also includes FICO Decision Management Streaming and FICO Decision Central.

The Company’s principal products offered are software tools for Rules Management, Predictive Modeling and Optimization. The FICO Blaze Advisor decision rules management system is used to design, develop, execute and maintain rules-based business applications. The Blaze Advisor system enables business users to propose and preview the impact of changes to decisioning logic, to review and approve proposed changes, and commit those changes to production decisioning, all without demanding information technology (IT) cycles. FICO’s solution for rules management in the cloud is called FICO Decision Modeler.

FICO Decision Central is an offering to help banks and other organizations, including insurance, retail and healthcare companies, maximize the power of their predictive and decision models and meet stricter regulations for model management. It complements FICO Model Builder, which enables the user to develop and deploy predictive models for use in automated decisions. FICO’s solution set for predictive modeling in the cloud is called FICO Analytic Modeler. FICO Xpress Optimization Suite provides operations research professionals with solvers and tools to design and deliver custom, mathematically optimal solutions for a range of industry problems. Xpress tools are licensed to end users, consultants and independent software vendors in several industries, and are a core component within FICO Decision Optimizer. FICO’s solution for executing optimization services in the cloud is called FICO Optimization Modeler.

The Company competes with Acxiom, Epsilon, Equifax, Experian, Harte-Hanks, InfoUSA, KnowledgeBase, Merkle, TargetBase, CGI, NICE Systems, BAE, SAS, ACI Worldwide, Emdeon, OptumInsight, ViPS, MedStat, Verisk Analytics, IBM, VantageScore, TransUnion, CRIF, LexisNexis, ChoicePoint, Pegasystems and Angoss.


Fico company


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