May 31 2017

2014 Most Reliable Cars #enterprize #car #rental

#most reliable cars

2014 Most Reliable Cars


Consumers Reports . the largest independent product testing organization in the world, has released their Annual Auto Reliability Rankings. Using surveys returned by their subscribers, Consumers Reports complied reliability histories on vehicles and predicted how well new cars currently on sale will hold up in the coming years. A green and gold Consumer Report’s stamp is a highly coveted seal of approval in the auto industry.

For more than a decade Japanese brands have had a lock on most of the top spots on the list, though this year Korean, American and European companies managed to crack the top ten.

General Motors improved more than other domestic car company, with its GMC brand rising three places to the number nine spot. Other American car makers didn’t fare so well in the study. Ford’s infotainment issues. along with the C-Max MPG rating debacle tanked confidence in the automaker. Ford and Lincoln finished 26th and 27th out of the 28 companies listed.

Head through to see the top seven most reliable models from the most reliable car makers.


7. Volvo XC70

Sticker Price: $34,500 – $45,650

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