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Max spiers youtube-Max spiers youtube
Max spiers youtube-HPANWO Voice Wednesday, 20 July 2016 Max Spiers Death Update 15 comments: I speak from experience – in Max’s last interview which is only available in audio, he sounded off his


Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Max Spiers Death Update


I speak from experience – in Max’s last interview which is only available in audio, he sounded off his nut on opiates. Maybe his drowsiness, goofing off, and forgetting what he was saying might also be attributable to his programming, but I’d say the former was the case.

Annski, that’s not a medical diagnosis though. And a drug-related death does not account for the other testimony we’ve heard from the primary witness

Definitely not Ben, I know that. It would tie in with what Sarah said about Swerdlow giving Max pills. The fact that he got more sleepy as the interview went on could point to pills which can take time to reach their full effect.
Regardless of how Max died, it’s a terrible tragedy. I know speculation serves no real purpose but if someone did kill Max then it’s only right that we get to the truth.
Much love.

That’s all I ask for, Annski. I also think Swerdlow was jumping the gun. It was indeed a terrible tragedy. It may turn out it was nothing more than a terrible accident of an illness Max had. If so then I’ll say so. 🙁

Prove it. how do we know it wasn’t staged?

You never leave the military.

As Max’s mother let me be very clear that this is not a death as a result of OD. Max’s has a history of opiate use, I know this BU T he was happy and preparing for a great future! He did not OD in Poland. Still no autopsy, strange, Doctor in Poland writes death by ‘natural causes’ ! Police left Max’s lifeless body right there overnight! Now they are all unreachable. I will work with my layer, we will uncover the truth but this is highly suspicious whichever way you look at it. Max was naming too many big names. Vanessa Bates

Max was killed. As his mother I know this. Details will be revealed as well as names

Thanks for letting us know, Vanessa. I believe you completely. Miles has posted some updates since I wrote this article. Deepest condolences for your loss.

I am very sorry for our loss maam. I have been looking for someone to clarify my confusion with the things going on in my life. His videos have given me peace that I am not as alone as I once thought. I am gaining more knowledge through his videos. This life and these daily tasks are exhausting and can become very frustrating. My favorite thing I have heard him say is how we are protecting the ones still sitting in their recliners watching soap operas and eating cheeseballs. What I now know was an Angel being in human form told me This is our burden to bear, we chose this and your son is a very brave, strong individual with awesome capabilities. However awful the things done to him just remember he is a piece of The Light and darkness cannot end The Light and Love Overcomes All.

Anonymous sent me a wonderful email. He/she mentioned our
Reponsibity to support the people who watch
Their soaps and eat their cheese balls
I always told max. Daily. That it’s the love in
Your heart that matters. He took that
Advice. He loves. That’s the key

I always told little max it’s the love in your heart
That matters. I seems to have listened to
He certainly loved. I promise you I knew he was special
He’s a man, he loves, he’s watching his story play out
God I wish he could give me all the details
I’m frustrated but I’m learning patience. All will be revealed
As max said time is man made. Let’s wait!

Hi Vanessa, so sorry for your loss& much love during this troubling time. I really hope that you get to the bottom of Max’s mysterious death. Is there anything we can do to help? Have you managed to get toxicology tests done in the UK? Do you need us to lobby M.P.s?

Also keen to help. Just let me know if you need people adding pressure on those who maybe covering up.

So many questions, yet so less answer’s. Was Max part of a occult? was he involved in black magic? karma maybe. Black magic, a dark place that may not end very well for people keen on interest. He definitely was killed, or as so I believe. His conspiracies may come from ancient black magic practitioners. Personally some I believe to be true, some not so much. No evidence supporting his theories so far, as you know this world is based on facts, not fiction, however does give me the chills.


Max spiers youtube


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