Mar 14 2018

Happy birthday to us 45 years of fixing bikes, and teaching you to fix your own bikes! Tomorrow August 12th we ll have free birthday cake, free funky purple valve caps, and free stand + tool rental (as available). Bring your favorite bike and join us for an all day celebration of Cambridge s awesome bike community!

Posted on August 11th, 2017 by Broadway Bicycle School
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We are running two upcoming classes starting in just under two weeks! With beautiful fall weather on the way, now is the time to increase your knowledge of the systems of the bike and how to maintain them.

The next coed basic repair class will be Sundays 5:30 7:30 pm, August 6th through September 17th, skipping Labor day weekend.

The next women/femme/non-binary basic repair class will be six consecutive Wednesdays 6:30 8:30 pm, starting August 9th. The women/femme/non-binary session of the class is identical in syllabus and content; it is an intentional space centering people of those identities, which have traditionally been underserved in the industry. It is open to all women, femme, and non-binary people and is taught by mechanics who are such as well.

The basic class is open to all levels of bike mechanics and enthusiasts, though it is aimed for those with little to no experience in working on bikes. The class is divided into lecture and hands-on learning where each student works on their own bicycle. The hands-on exercises range from:

  • Class 1 – Fixing a flat
  • Class 2 – Front hub adjustment
  • Class 3 – Wheel Truing
  • Class 4 – Brake Adjustment
  • Class 5 – Drivetrains and Lubrication
  • Class 6 – Rear derailleur adjustment

Posted on July 29th, 2017 by Broadway Bicycle School
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Hello everyone! Broadway Bikes will be closed all day on Tuesday, July 4th. Normal hours resume when we open at 8am on July 5th.

As a worker-owned, collectively-run cooperative business operating for 40+ years, we are proud to support true democratic principles and democracy in action. Whether you spend the day enjoying the company of your loved ones, participating in democracy, or riding bikes, we hope you have a safe and fulfilling holiday!

(Featured above the new 2017 All-City Mr. Pink road bike; red, white, and blue color scheme)

Posted on July 1st, 2017 by Broadway Bicycle School
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To our valued customers and cycling community,

On July 5th, 2017 our flat and tune-up rates will be changing to better reflect the service we provide and help sustain our business model centered on cooperative principles and worker rights.

Above all you are paying for a high standard of work, safety, and quality control.

Additionally, you are supporting an environmentally conscious community space that actively promotes diversity in the biking community, values empowerment through education, and supports social justice work in the Boston area in various ways.

Here are some of our guiding principles that set us apart from the usual bike shop:

We are committed to clarity and transparency. As soon as you enter our shop you are on the service floor. A trained estimator looks over your bike in your presence and will discuss their service suggestions with you. This procedure ensures that you and the mechanic can communicate directly and openly, deciding together which work and services best serve you and your bike’s needs.


Every job we do from fixing a flat to a full tune up is double checked by a second mechanic. In addition, we test ride your bike two times: both the mechanic and a test rider who looks the work over take your bike for a ride before we hand it back to you.

The staff that works on your bicycle has the benefit of processes and procedures that have been refined over the 45 years our doors have been open. Together, we have a total of 70 years combined staff experience! Our staff regularly meets to exchange ideas, refine our practices, and keep all of us up to date on new technology and industry changes.


We are a worker owned cooperative, which means a group of the mechanics you interact with collaboratively and democratically own and operate Broadway Bicycle. We embrace the values expressed in the Seven International Principles of Cooperatives, which include open and evolving membership, stewardship for the next generation, and concern for the community we operate in and serve.


Worker rights has always been a priority at Broadway Bicycle. We show this in our $15 an hour minimum wage, our free healthcare to all full time workers, and our wage cap that states that no worker can make more than twice the wage of the lowest paid worker (so far we have not even come close to this figure). All our wages, our wage system, and our paths to advancement which are open to all workers are fully transparent.


Broadway Bicycle trains all its staff. This means that we are able to hire from a diverse pool of applicants and skill sets, which makes a more innovative and adaptive workforce. We believe a more diverse shop is a healthier shop and better reflects and serves our diverse cycling community. We are committed to training workers without prior shop experience and are thereby able to offer groups traditionally marginalized in the bicycle industry better access to the bicycle repair profession.

In addition to maintaining and supplying our community with alternative transportation, Broadway Bicycle believes in good environmental practices. Our main lubricants and cleaning products are vegetable based. We use Pedro’s products that are “safe for you, your family, and the environment.” We pay to have tires and tubes recycled, we allow the public to drop off their bicycle related rubber for recycling, and our metal recycling is either donated to Bikes Not Bombs or recycled at a local facility. Additionally, we partner with local groups (e.g. the fellow cooperative Cero) to reuse our recycling for various projects.


We believe in community involvement. Examples are our fundraiser for Boston GLASS during pride week, our annual Pancake Breakfast for commuters during BayState Bike Week, and donations to the Boston Cyclist Union, Massbike and many more.

Like all shops and retail businesses, we sometimes make mistakes. We believe in honesty and transparency and will hold ourselves accountable, doing our best to remedy the situation with the customer.

After 45 years of serving the Cambridge cycling community, holding ourselves to high levels of mechanical service and expertise, cooperatives principles, and worker rights, we are looking ahead at the next 45 years with the hope to keep doing our best as your neighborhood bike shop. Thank you for your patronage and participation in our weird and wonderful business.

Posted on June 29th, 2017 by Broadway Bicycle School
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Just a heads up that there is no Femmechanics Grrrease Time at the shop tonight. We ll see you next month, July 18th!

Posted on June 19th, 2017 by Broadway Bicycle School
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