Jan 19 2020

Home depot plumbing

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Home depot plumbing-Find a home services job at The Home Depot. Search for home services careers and job openings to find a new position at a Home Depot store near you.

Home depot plumbing

Home Services is comprised of three main areas. Together, they serve the customer through the entire projectfrom concept to completion.

Customers look to The Home Depot for a wide range of home improvement needs. Our product offerings span the interior and exterior of the home, and include:

Exterior: Windows and doors.
Interior: Kitchen refacing, cabinet remodeling, kitchen countertops, bathroom remodeling, closet organizers and garage organization products

The exterior product business was purchased by The Home Depot in 2000, while the interior business was purchased in 2012. Together, these two groups operate as a single sales and installation organization for America’s premier home improvement company – The Home Depot.

The ideal sales professional is one who has a love for the home improvement industry, enjoys an environment outside of a traditional office setting, likes sales, prefers the earnings opportunity of commission-based pay vs. a set salary, and wants to make a positive difference in the lives of their customers.

MeasureComp first started doing business in 1998 throughout the state of Michigan and grew to service 39 states. In 2012, MeasureComp was acquired by The Home Depot and was renamed Measurement Services. Through this new combination of talent and technology, the Measurement Services team now uses the very best digital software to create comprehensive floor plans, including wall elevations, ceiling plans, material calculations, net square footage, as well as waste factors and on-site trip hazard inspections.

All of these precise measurements help us ensure the job is done properly and that the customer is happy. And because we continue to make our customers happy, we are seeing increased growth in our business. In 2012, our team handled nearly 1 million measurements (with a 75 percent conversion rate for carpet). Our Detroit Store Support Center handles approximately 56,000 calls a week.

So, if you’re ready to utilize innovative technology, meet new customers and help ensure our jobs are done right, apply today to join our Measurement Services team!

The Home Depot partners with installers and home service professionals who meet the highest standards for experience, know-how and customer service. These professionals are the ones who actually complete the job for the customer and ensure their satisfaction.

Why do customers choose The Home Depot for installation?
A critical role within Home Services, our installation team has a keen sense of customer service, project management and attention to detail. A career in this growing area requires top-notch skills, and a drive for quality and customer service. Installation associates will work with various levels of management to ensure a quality product, negotiate contracts and contribute to the growth and potential of the business.

If you posses those qualities and the drive for success, apply today to join our Installation Services team!


Home depot plumbing


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