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Home depot official site

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Home depot official site-By logging on to, you can submit your feedback and let the Home Depot management know what areas of their service need further improvement and what qualities of their products are simply the best.

Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey

In order to make customers visit Home Depot stores again, the company has devised the Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey. The purpose of this survey is twofold. Firstly, it provides a convenient platform for the customers to share their positive or negative store experiences and concerns pertaining to the products and services offered by Home Depot without having to come face to face with the store managers. And secondly, all the collected information and customer insights allow Home Depot to provide a better customer experience.

By logging on to, you can submit your feedback and let the Home Depot management know what areas of their service need further improvement and what qualities of their products are simply the best. Moreover, you can enter the sweepstakes and win a Home Depot gift card worth $5,000!

About Home Depot

The first brand that comes to your mind when you think of tools and construction products is Home Depot. As it turns out, Home Depot is one of the largest retailers in the United States. The company came into existence in 1978. It was founded by Bernie Marcus and its first two stores were inaugurated in Atlanta in 1979.

In the 1980s, Home Depot went through a major expansion. As a result of that, Home Depot now runs more than 2,240 stores across the United States. You can locate Home Depot stores in countries like China, Mexico, and Canada as well. That makes Home Depot the largest global home improvement retail store. The most commendable feature of Home Depot is that it lives up to its slogan – “More Saving. More Doing.” That means Home Depot is the ideal place to buy high-quality home improvement products from at affordable prices.

How to Complete the Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey


  1. Log on to to participate in the Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  2. Select a language of your preference and enter the zip or postal code of your res >Terms & Conditions
  • The participants of the Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You can enter the sweepstakes by participating in the Home Depot Customer Satisfaction Survey.
  • You can participate in the survey within 30 days after your receipt date.
  • There are no purchases necessary to enter the sweepstakes.


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Katrina was my cashier at the mechanicsville,va Bell Creek Road store. She was excellent! She was friendly and helpful. She saw I was struggling carrying my things and ran to get me a cart. I appreciated her positive attitude and kindness.

Love the Folsom Boulivard store. Always friendly staff, always easy to get down he isles and items are stocked promptly.

Excellent service, prices and selection.

I recently used the Home Depot in East York at 7 Curity Ave, Toronto and I would to thank the staff for being so helpful,polite and easy going, in particular Debbie. They all made my shopping experience an enjoyable one. Thank you very much!

EVERYONE WAS SO NICE. Employees approached me in each area I went to and weren’t over bearing but just kind. Each one knew their area well and helped me very much.

I would like to comment on three different Home Depot employees, each of whom was enormously helpful to me yesterday evening at the store located in Rutland, Vermont.
Carol (from the paint department) found exactly the color I needed to paint the small piece of window frame molding that I had cut to fit where one had broken off from my front porch door. Despite the fact that all I wanted was a small “sample size” can, she carefully went through all the various colors on the many “chip charts” on display and came up with the perfect match for the broken piece that I had brought into the store with me. She then started the “mixing process” (again, this was for a tiny “sample size” can), while I went off shopping for an electric “weed whacker”…which proved to be a rather lengthy process, to say the least (more on that later).
When I returned to the paint counter, my little “sample size” can was ready to go. Carol has a great sense of humor and she was a delight to deal with.
Ok, now for my adventure in the world of weed whackers (aka trimmers). I had chosen an electric model by Black and Decker and I wanted to get an extra spool or two of feeder line. The box for the B&D trimmer clearly stated that the line should be “AF-100.” After going through the myriad feeder lines on display next to the trimmers, I could not find anything labeled “AF-100,” so I made my way to the checkout counter located all the way on the other side of the store (near where I had parked my truck), planning on just buying the trimmer and hoping there would be enough line included in the box for what I needed.
Luanne was the cashier. When I described to “Loon” (as she is known to everyone in the store) the difficulty I was having finding the right feeder line (including not being able to find anything on the box that indicated any line was included at all), she offered to open the box to check, which she did. She also looked up AF-100 on the computer, which indicated that there were twenty-eight rolls in stock…to be found in exactly the same aisle and bay where I had just been searching. She then called Denise, the third person in this long story, who came over from her end of the store and brought me back to exactly the same place where I had given up the search. Sure enough, she immediately found the AF-100 line which, for some inexplicable reason, was on the bottom shelf, mixed in with the oil and fuel for the gas powered trimmers, completely separated from all the other feeder line.
OK, so that is how I was helped last night by Carol, Luanne and Denise. All three went out of their way to help me and all three were terrific.

I rent apartments to college students who really mess things up, especially the carpets. So I decided to go to Home Depot and look at their flooring. I found laminate that looks like real wood and is easy to keep clean, no stains and great for students with allergys . Also it is guaranteed to last and look great for 10 years!

Eric in Electrical Department was absolutely outstanding. He asked politely if he could be of assistance, took my list and shopped for all my items for me. He explained what and how each one functioned, showed me the prices, and used an ink pen to check each off my list. I ws totally charmed by this man and his knowledge and customer service skills. Please give him a soccer and hearty “atta boy” from me as well as you. Also, Janice R. went above and beyond every single time I am in the store. I enjoy Home Depot so much, I have purchased stock in the company.

i was looking for a lawn mower and the sales associate was very helpful in helping me pick the right one.

I stopped into the Algonquin IL, location; I was very pleased with the customer service. An associate whom goes by the name of Sal W. I believe, was very helpful and seemed to be in a very good mood. Over all, very pleased with my visit.

I met Michelle this afternoon at the Home Depot in Oak Lawn. I explained to her that I am a customer for life because of they way the employees at the Home Depot in Providence Rhode Island, came out to my sister in laws funeral in numbers. They all had stories to tell about Cathy and they took the time to leave a wonderful apron that was decorated with her name and flowers. What a wonderful team. That’s why I’m a customer for life.

I went to the 3202 Kingshighway on Sep.13tb to get some plywood and I couldn’t be happier with the service I got there from Shams/Mohammed at the lumber department. They guy went above and beyond and I really am
So happy with the service and attention I got from him there.

I visited the Grand Junction Co Store to buy an Electrical breaker box and found a number of choices. I ask for help and Bill Arceri came to my rescue. I would have walked out and and not purchased but Bill was so helpful in getting me the correct electrical supplies. Thanks Bill for having the knowledge to know what I needed for my job. It feels good to go into a Home Depot store and know that there is a person like Bill there with the knowledge to help you. Ted Martín

I bought a microwave at your store in Monument, Colorado yesterday. The young lady who helped me, Olivia, was very courteous and knowledgeable. Since it was going into my Travel Trailer it had very specific requirements regarding size and weight. Ms Olivia spent several minutes researching the options available to ensure I got one that would fit into my Travel Trailer . It fits perfectly ! Thank you Ms Olivia .

Anna at Rockford was great! Super friendly- we love coming to this store!

I was at the Home Depot in Georgetown. Keyla was the employee who helped me today. She has great customer service skills. She was able to help me find what I was looking for in no time!

Sara,Dan & Matt helped me out a bunch and where very nice & polite!

Mani, in the appliance department, was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and honest with us during the purchase of our new appliance. He was not looking to just sell us any appliance…but was concerned with our best interests and giving us what was in out bes interest to purchase. Give that man a raise…he deserves it.

Love coming here… definately not just for men…very helpful staff.

We received excellent customer service while shopping in the Lawrence KS Store. The two employees were Andrew in lumber department and Bayleigh as cashier. Very helpful and pleasant people.

Rich went beyond the call of duty to help us figure out how to hang our ceiling light after we lost the hardware during our move. Thank you, Rich!

Rockford, IL Home Depot – our garden center cashier was Anna. She was very nice & asked if we wanted bags or plastic for our mums. She said thank you & have a great day.

I always love shopping there. Everyone is so professional.

Home Depot is our go to store for all our home projects. The staff is always helpful and friendly. 99% of the time Home Depot has what we need and if not that day usually within a very short time frame it will have it for us as soon as they can get it to us. Great company to work with!

I took an unopened product back from our renovations in the house this summer, and my money was cheerfully refunded. I appreciate this more than you can know. It’s so hard to guess how much to buy for any project, and I always end up over buying. So I really appreciate your taking the on opened, unused product back. Lesley was on it and she took immediate care of me. She nailed it!

I had just purchased some items at one of your competitors and at checkout was asked if I had a military discount coming, which I did and which was deducted after a nice ‘thank you for your service’. After I had left I realized there was a garden tool I wanted and rather than turn around, pulled into hone depot and found what u wanted and at checkout offered my VA identification card to the cashier who told me it was not one of the ones they accepted. I made the purchase anyhow I’m researching and getting ready to purchase over $400 if gutter guards. Care to guess which store I’ll choose? Bad policy. Lots of vets out there.

I needed a solution to a problem that involved some “McGuiver” engineering. The employee, Charles, went out of his way to help me find a solution. His idea worked marvelously. Thank you Home Depot and Charles for your assistance.

Jermaine helped me pick out all the lumber pieces I needed to get my home project completed. He was so patient and kind. He took the time to help me load my truck since my husband couldn’t make the trip to help me following serious sergery. It’s people looking je Jermaine who work hard, go the extra mile to help, and leave people better than he found them! Thank you Jermaine! You Rock!

We live in a small PA town and are lucky to have Home Depot here. We have done a lot of remodeling and Home Depot is the first place we go.

Did not great me. First words to me after complaing to a coworker about the customer that was before me was the ticket total. Did not thank me or say good bye.

I was at the 2801 James sanders rd Paducah KY the sales staff where very helpful the lady at checkout was very freindly asked me to fill out this survey her name was Lynn.

I was in Mckinney, TX store and Caleb put all his heart into the needs I had to solve the problem. He had such a great attitude and I was overwhelmed with his kindness and willingness to help! I would hire this guy any day of the week and do whatever I could to keep him with me. Guys like this bring production and increase revenue for any business.

Great job Home Depot for hiring Caleb! I will always choose Caleb and Home Depot over Lowe’s!!

Jennifer was extremely helpful with my BBQ purchase. She helped to lift it on to the cart and proceeded to take me through to John’s cash desk.. Both were extremely courteous and friendly and made sure that the BBQ was loaded into my car. Best service yet with Home Depot, which is not surprising with this store because they are always very good.

We went to the Home Depot in Alamo Ranch to purchase a new washer. Andrea was very helpful and kind. She made the whole process painless.i felt inspired to give her a positive review.

We had great service buying a shower last night at Home Depot. Vick was most helpful helping us pick everything out.

I want to go hank Meredith in the paint department. He help me to match color, explained the differences of finishing and how to select primer. He let my shopping easy and pleasant. Thanks, Meredith!!hwai-Tai lam

Today we went to Home Depot (Carmel mountain road – San Diego CA) for a grill. Steven took very good care of us. He saw us hesitant so he came to us immediately. He answered every question and gave us good advice. He is really professional and so kind ! We need more people like him ! Thanks Steven .

Oscar Sanchez from lumber department was very helpful,polite,patient and knowledgeable about my questions to what I was buying.thank you Oscar u we’re very helpful. Made my day.

Drew at the return desk was very helpful at the Bel Air, MD store. He took time to help me through a problem and could not have been nicer.

11/09/18 I was needing some very minor purchases. One was to find a very small bolt and nut to repair the handle on my marine cart. Gary at the South Surrey store found it for me fast and efficiently even though it was a only a 81cent sale!
Then I went to John in the wood sawing department where he cut pieces for me that made an accurate fit for my desk top. (the night before the piece was cut incorrectly and John did it again and did it perfectly. I am a regular Home Depot customer, these 2 men went all the way. I do not want to win anything,I would like them to be acknowledged. Denise Stevenson

I was at the Home Depot in Victorville of a bear Valley. The cashier Jenna Made my experience very pleasant. She was very polite and very helpful on everything.

We had a very pleasant shopping experience at Home Depot tonight. Bob (aka Bill from Wichita) went out of his way to help us find the Ryobi battery we were searching for. He was patient and respectful. The cashier Steph, was equally patient with us. It is employees like these two that insure our return to Home Depot.

Jasmine was a great person to deal with for my returns. Due to complications receiving my order, my customer terminated our contract and I had no use for the windows. After a few days I was informed that I would’ve reimbursed, and the windows were restocked. Most definitely one of my better experiences, with special orders. Thanks again jasmine, London, Fanshawe park rd store.

Shawn help me with bricks.He provides great customer service. Very helpful.

They are always so helpful and if they can’t help they will find someone that can. Very accommodating! Ann-Marie couldn’t have been nicer! Specially in this day in time when customer service is very rare!

Marilyn did a outstanding job helping me at the self
Check out. Very polite and went out of her way and checked my Merchandise personally.

Always have a pleasure with Mahlia! She’s fast friendly and knowledgeable. She’s the best at the pro desk.

Brockville Ontario Home Depot staff have been amazingly knowledgeable and courteous to meet our building and home maintenance needs. Always greeted with a smile to make us feel welcomed. Testament to the leadership and in-house training this group of Home Depot members have always surpassed my expectations on retail shopping! Fantastic team delivering outstanding service and a quality product.

I generally shop at Home Depot on Franklin Rd in Roanoke, Virginia. I had purchased a pack of 14 watt light bulbs and had to make a return on them. Crystal was very nice and friendly. The return was done very quickly. I left the store feeling good.

I had to return a towel bar this time cuz purchased wrong size. Liz @ the desk is a fantastic employee:
-she remembered me
-greeted me warmly
-helped me remember where to get correct replacement
-called for Mike to help me to begin to address my list.
Mike is also a terrific employee:
-very competent
-actually helped me think through what would work best
-guided me to next place I needed on my list
-continued to offer to help if I found I needed it later in this visit
Noel helped me at self checkout and deserves credit for being”on the ball” and alert to customer reactions:
-anticipated my need when saw what I had to check out put a bag out for me to hold all the little items I was purchasing.
-saw when I got stuck and came right over to help w/o being asked (read body Posture!).
I’m used to evaluating employees have done it for years both on mainland and here. Good employees deserve to be recognized and applauded.

We went to home depot to look for a few things.
We found everything we needed.
We got tile spacers, saw blade and smaller blades.
I love this store.

It was Omar Hassan again!! My homedepot angle. When he greeted me, I know I can find all those things on my contractor’s List, things I had never heard of, Omar helped and even loaded the heavy lumber onto my van. Thanks, Homedepot.

Even though there was a sign up saying cashiers would be in the garden area at the time I was there , there was not a cashier available and therefore the outside was locked and I had to go to the main entrance.

Our Home Depot associate was patient and very helpful. I believe her name was Gretchen. We found out she was new as we were checking out. We appreciate friendly, knowledgeable service.

Today I was at HD on Lee’s Summit Rd in Independence, MO. I needed a new piece for my pantry door. I asked several people who didn’t seem to know what I was talking about. I even had the broken piece with me. A young man named Jonathan said, “Oh, yes, I’ll show you.” He took me directly to what I needed, showed me very patiently how to install it, he was so polite and helpful. Just wanted to commend him for such a good job.

Shopped at Home Depot store in Vienna Wv. Kelli was the name of our cashier. She was so helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. She helped us apply for Home Depot card and it was very smooth.


Home depot official site


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