Jan 22 2020

Home depot protection plan

Home depot protection plan-Home depot protection plan
Home depot protection plan-Home Depot Extended Protection Plan Modern appliances offer features and conveniences we never imagined just a few short years ago. And many of these new features require electronic controls.

Home Depot Extended Protection Plan

Modern appliances offer features and conveniences we never imagined just a few short years ago. And many of these new features require electronic controls. Some new appliances even have computer controls.

Yet the appliance manufactures only offer a 1 year warranty. That’s why The Home Depot offers the Extended Protection Plan, with up to 4 years additional complete coverage for your appliance.

For the price of one service call, the Extended Protection Plan covers any repairs for your appliance may need.

Check out the link and video below for more details.

Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

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I am a very frustrated customer who is dealing with the Home Depot Extended Warranty (HDEW) Plan for the 3rd time for the same issue. Briefly, I bought a Maytag Dishwasher in 2011 and bought the 4 year extended warranty plan. The dishwasher’s control board first failed about 7 months after I bought the unit, it then failed again last year and once more a week ago. Each time for the same issue: the control board simply stops working and the dishwasher will not power up. Each time the duration of service and the number of phone calls required to move the service call along consumes far too much of my time and energy. Not to mentioned the call quality is terrible when I telephone the outsourced call center (sounded distinctly like the Tagalog language from the Philippines) and tried to obtain help; it sounded better in my childhood soup-can-and-string days and took less time. (press 1 for this, press 2 for that, press 4 for this: 12 minutes before an actual person picked up. )

At the second instance of the dishwasher failure, the folks at HDEW said the dishwasher would be replaced should it fail again under the same circumstances. It failed again a week ago, I called for service and the technician informed me it’s the same issue as before (curiously, the same service technician came out again and remembers us). Except now the technician tells me the part is backordered by at least 2 months as the factory no longer stocks it. I called HDEW and asked that the unit be replaced as per the last time it broke. Their response: No. It only failed once before, under our coverage. We’ll call and see if we can speed up the replacement part.

Really?? Are you really going to sit there and tell me it only failed once before. I would be happy to produce the documents form each repair call.

Each time the unit has failed, the time required from the start of my call that first reports an issue, until the time the dishwasher is back up and running, has taken anywhere from 3-5 weeks. Separately, I have a washing machine also purchased with a HDEW plan, and it too has been met with the same slow response to repair when it failed twice before.

We are a household of 2 adults and 2 young active children, ergo we have need for a durable dishwasher (and other household appliances). Forgoing the former, the latter approach of a warranty backed up by a company that backs up the coverage plans would be helpful. But the service I received from HDEW is ANYTHING but helpful!

I am now of the mindset that I will never buy another appliance from Home Depot out of sheer frustration; it is simply too painful.

The less-than-helpful people who represent HDEW really seem to be doing what they can to besmirch Home Depot’s name. I would encourage you to consider if this relationship with the plan providor is really worth the number of angry people in similar situations as I. A cursory examination on the internet of people taking issue with the HDEW will produce more reading that anyone would care to undertake.


Home depot protection plan


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