Jan 22 2020

Home depot paint department

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Home depot paint department-A little more than a month ago, my Mother and I stopped off at Home Depot to buy a can of paint. This was also our first visit to a Home Depot store

Home depot paint department

The staff in the Paint Department was not very helpful at all. Their Paint Department was very large with many different brands of paint, the shelves reaching upward with countless cans. We had no real idea which brand of paint we should
get (as the brand names on them meant nothing to us – we had never heard of them before – we only knew what color we wanted) and no one came over to help us. We must have wondered around for at least 30 minutes and still no one came over to ask if we needed assistance. A few employees had walked past us but they all seemed too busy to help us. It was like we were invisible. Finally I went to the desk of the Paint Department and asked for some help. I explained we wanted to paint the kitchen floor and the employee recommended Gl >

That was the beginning of our troubles. It turns out that this Glidden paint from Home Depot never dried at all! It is over a month since we painted my Mother’s kitchen floor and the paint is still horribly sticky. It sounds like suction cups (or sticky tape being peeled off) when you walk on it. Are you not supposed to use your kitchen for a month for the paint to dry? That is just not possible. Not only is the staff at the Home Depot Paint Department unhelpful, but they give bad advice as well! They don’t appear to really know anything about paint at all. I have since read that latex paint is not well suited to floors as it is a soft paint and that the slightest dirt from shoes can get stuck down inside of it. It is certainly not suited for a room with heavy traffic like a kitchen. Worst, the paint is not even floor paint. I think he sold us wall paint to use on a floor. We have since started the difficult job of scraping this Glidden paint off of the floor so we can repaint with some other paint.

I will never shop at Home Depot again as they sell horribly low-quality products and are not educated about their items as well.

Ed Richards says :

We painted our room withthe Behr brand paint, Base 2300, 420F-5, Olivine. Premium Plus Interior Egg Shell , Purchased in your Lebanon, PA store 4141. The problem is it streaked, and is showing dull like skipped holidays that looks like we rolled over drying paint, to cover a drying streak or holiday , which I`m sure happened. We`re going to repaint the wall, but we need to know what our solutions would be, first. How do we stay away from the problems deacribed above? Would it be advisable to use the Olivine paint with the primer in it,or should we just primer the wall first. Please advise all possible and practible solutions ASAP, as the wall does not pass muster the way it looks at this point Thanx, Ed R.

susan novak says :

The new Glidden house paints that replaced the older EVERMORE is terrible It will not dry I ruined my kitchen cabinets. They stay tacky. When I leaned them against the wall, they stuck to it one week after painting. I cannot recommend these paints, reguardless of the high price stickers. The original paint was superior to anything I used before. The original EVERMORE glidden was superb. The paint dried hard and durable and could be washed with soap and water or 709 cleaner and come out beautiful after seven years on my kitchen cabinets. This so called newer concoction is absolutely no good. Change the product back or loose the business. Thank you. Suzanne G.

joanne velieff says :

we bought the new paint Behrs with the primer in it. what a mistake it ran on walls but that wasnt the worst part went to take the painters tape off and the paint was peeling off in big chunks. now I have to go and buy paint again and repaint the bath again…..more expensive is not always better


When you used the Behrs paint and primer in one did you ask the associate at the paint desk about the product. Depending on what Home Depot I have been to I have had mixed experiences with the how well certain associates know what they are recommending. You have to take things into consideration when you are painting. For one you need to know what finish you want, like satin, semi-gloss, or eggshell. Also depending on what paint you had on the walls before this could have a big effect on what will happen when you paint over the walls. Did you sand down your old colour on your walls? Some paint cannot be applied over other paint, it will either peel or cause problems that only cost more money.
Depending on the area also you cannot let any moisture or dampening occur on the walls, especially if it is a washroom. And definitely no baths or showers within the drying period of the paint.
Another thing is that between coats of the paint you have to wait a period of time sometimes and always make sure you let the paint dry fully before you peel off the painters tape. Impatience is not always a good thing. No one wants to cause more time and trouble during renovations


Home depot paint department


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