Sep 4 2017

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over a year ago

This is the worst insurance company in the State of Texas especially if your vehicle is the one that sustained damage. This company is unethical in its practices and the local office is full of liars.

On Fri. 04/29/11 we were involved in an accident here in El Paso, Tx with an individual who informed the officer at the scene that he had coverage with ACCC General Insurance/El Paso Low Cost. After we produced our documents to the officer at the site we were allowed to leave since we had valid insurance. The driver with ACCC remained with the officer. This was at 1015 am. At 1020 am the local office of El Paso Low Cost located was contacted informing the office of the accident they provided me with the 1-888 number to call to file the claim. At 1022 am a file was claimed with the office located in San Antonio, Tx.

On 05/02/11 I called the office in San Antonio, Tx and was provided with name of the adjuster: Sonia Johnson. She pretended to be attentive to our needs. However, a couple of hours later called back just to inform us that the individual was not covered and requested we fax the police report. Later she callled to confirm he was not covered at the time. She then informed us that the insured had gone into the office to reinstate his policy at 1200 noon. Three hours after the accident. However,since there was a two week lapse and was not covered at the time of the accident 0917 am. I then requested a call back from the supervisor of Sonia Johnson due to her disrespectful attitude. Her supervisor returned the call at 1445. James McMahon, supervisor, stated he did not understand what our concerns were. It does not seem to phase this individual their insured and local office practice unethically. The fact that the driver provided false information on a police report and that their local office denied about knowing about the accident. This company needs to be shut down since they are practicing in bad faith and allowing their insureds not to be responsible for their actions. Their driver is the one who caused the accident by speeding out in front of our path. Now we have to pay out of pocket and our insurance company has to pay for the actions of this driver.

Everyone who has had a problem with this company needs to file a complaint online with Texas Department of Insurance. Even if you do not believe nothing will be done any complaints received may warrant a true investigation and put an end to unethical practices.

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