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Walking Trekking Holidays – Exodus offer over 150 of the worlds greatest walks and treks from around the globe. Some trips are wholly trekking-focused whilst others may simply contain a significant portion of walking days within the itinerary. All trips are graded and we cater for a wide range of abilities: you can stroll from the comfort of your hotel along the Amalfi Coast, challenge yourself on the Inca Trail or attempt a high-altitude ascent on Kilimanjaro. It is essential that you carefully read the brochure text and accompanying Trip Notes as good fitness and stamina are required for some of the more demanding itineraries.

Cycling Holidays – One world, two wheels. Our cycling holidays come in all shapes and sizes; from gently cycling in the Dordogne region of France, tackling the High Atlas in Morocco on a fully-supported mountain bike expedition, exploring the length of Vietnam or getting under the skin of the unique culture and cuisine of South East Asia. All trips are graded, with the percentage of on and off-road riding, and vehicle support indicated in the trip profile. As with an Exodus walking holiday, you need to ensure that you are confident in your own fitness to join some of these departures.

Culture – The names of many of the world s greatest cultural sites are well known to most – Machu Picchu, the Taj Mahal, the cities of Roma or Prague. But other sites are equally inspiring, if a little less well known and in some cases a little less accessible. The Terracotta Warriors in Xi an, China, the great monasteries of Lhasa, Tibet, and the amazing Roman ruins of Leptis Magna in Libya are some of the finest sites on earth. There are too many to name, but from the great museums of Florence, to the hidden city of Petra and the vast temple complex of Angkor Wat, Exodus will show you a different side to many of the world s greatest cultural attractions.

Wildlife Safari Holidays – The majority of our wildlife holidays are African safaris, although there are many variations on the theme; walking safaris, special safari skills courses and classic camping safaris all feature. In Asia enjoy the fantastic spectacle of tiger watching in India, elephant back safaris in Chitwan National Park, Nepal, and the orang-utans and wildlife of Borneo. The whales and penguins of Antarctica and Polar bears in the Arctic are fabulous. In the Americas we ll see the sloths and river dolphins of Peru s Tambopata Reserve, and view the numerous endemic species of the enchanted Galapagos Islands by boat. There is so much to see and experience. Trips in this category may be wholly wildlife focused, or contain an element of wildlife viewing within a less specific itinerary.

Wilderness – The worlds greatest wildernesses areas are accessible with Exodus. The deserts, jungles, plateaux, tundra and mountains of all seven continents can be visited by the adventurous traveller. In these destinations, as with all the places we visit, we take great care not to damage the fragile ecosystems, as, by their nature, they are not designed for human habitation. We can take you to the Sahara, Atacama, Namib and Gobi deserts, the jungles of South and Central America, as well as Northern India and Central Africa, or the great mountain ranges of The Andes, Alps, Atlas, Himalaya and Rockies. Perhaps the most remote places we visit are the Tibetan plateau, the Antarctic and the Outback of Australia.

Polar Expeditions – At the ends of the earth and far from the madding crowd, the Polar Regions are perhaps the last pristine wildernesses left on the planet. They re harsh, merciless environments of savage, eye-watering beauty. How times have changed for the Polar adventurer? These days we can explore the frozen continents in relative comfort and safety and return to our homes within 2 weeks, unlike Ernest Shackleton and his crew who took 2 years to escape it s icy clutches after their ship was crushed in 1915. Of course, in keeping with our philosophy, it is essential that we protect these environments and in partnership with the ships operators apply the most stringent rules of minimum impact travel.

Premium Adventures – A large selection of great Exodus adventures with a little extra style and comfort, in locations around Europe, Asia, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Americas.

Solo Holidays – For those clients who wish to travel with a group of other solo travellers, on certain trips we have set aside departure dates that are recommended for clients booking individually.

Solo departures are aimed at taking away that concern that you may be the only solo traveller when you arrive overseas.

Relaxed Itinerary – While at Exodus we enjoy our fair share of adventure and excitement, we also know that gentler pursuits and a healthy dose of laid-back discovery can be just as appealing. Our Relaxed Itinerary departures, including trips from last years Leisurely Collection brochure, allow just that. You can now enjoy an adventure in your preferred destination or seek out intriguing and off-the-beaten-path trips at a more relaxed pace. Go on – discover the world in a little extra comfort!

Multi Activity Holidays – These trips fall into two categories, they are either designed to include the major highlights of the countries or regions we visit, involving a mix of activities en route, or are solely activity based itineraries providing numerous opportunities for thrill seekers to try out new and exciting sports. Activities may range from the ordinary (for example walking or cycling, canoeing or white water rafting) to the damn right extra-ordinary (including caving, rock climbing, camel riding or canyoning)! As specialist skills are required for some of these trips, but certainly not all, you should read the brochure text and accompanying trip notes carefully.

Cruise (Expedition Voyages, Galapagos, River Nile) Holidays – These holidays can feature expedition voyages onboard ice class vessels to the Polar regions, travelling down the River Nile on a river boat, sailing in the Arctic (Greenland) on a Schooner, or around the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) in a yacht to name a few. They have excellent facilities and great wildlife viewing opportunities and always in small groups, as opposed to the Cruise Liners that roam the great oceans.

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