Aug 28 2017

Affordable track day car insurance #camery

#track day insurance

Track Day Insurance from the Experts

One of the favourite pastimes of true car lovers is to take their pride and joy down to a track and show it off to their fellow enthusiasts. The hundreds of rallies and track meets on the scene are a long established part of the car community.

However, if you do take part in this kind of event, you may run into problems when it comes to your car insurance.

Many companies will point-blank refuse to offer cover to car owners that take part in track days or similar events. That means that drivers are sometimes tempted to take a risk by not telling their insurer that they do this, but in withholding information, they may actually invalidate their policy should they make a claim.

Fortunately, there is no need to do this, because here at HIC we have a range of policies designed for enthusiasts. Because we are passionate about cars ourselves, many of our policies are designed specifically with track days in mind.


Rover Mini Cooper

    Female: 34 Postcode: GU3 Car value: ВЈ3,500 4 Years NCB 1 SP30 Conviction Modified. Air Filter, Exhaust, Roll cage

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