Jul 31 2017

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Do you have the G-Factor?

Your journey – and your flight – matter and who better than SeatGuru to make sure you have the best one possible. No one knows cabin comfort like SeatGuru: we’ve been helping travelers choose the best airline seat for over ten years. And now we’ve condensed all our knowledge into our new Guru Factor (“G-Factor “) rating so you can choose the best possible flight for your journey. The G-Factor gives you comprehensive yet clear information about what to expect from the overall flight experience.

With our newly launched flight comparison search engine, SeatGuru not only finds you the cheapest flights but just as importantly gives you our G-Factor recommendation for each flight option. We’ll tell you which itineraries score high on legroom and comfort and which ones don’t. Each flight from the SeatGuru price comparison engine has been run through the new G-Factor algorithm (patent pending) and comes with our straightforward recommendation: “Love it “, “Like it “, or “Live with it “.

The G-Factor recommendation is based on the following:

  • An overall comfort score based on the type of seat, seat pitch, width, and recline for each cabin
  • Data from over 45,000 user comments on more than 700 different aircraft configurations
  • Our comprehensive customer service and satisfaction ratings for hundreds of airlines
  • In-flight entertainment such as seatback TV, live satellite, and other audio and video options
  • Onboard product offerings such as WiFi, seat power ports, and other additional amenities

The G-Factor algorithm condenses all of the above and more – it is our secret formula used to calculate our SeatGuru G-Factor recommendation for each flight: “Love it “, “Like it “, or “Live with it “.

For those that believe the journey does matter – we’ve created the G-Factor to make sure you have the best flight possible.

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