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In the series we have prepared, the verbs are either synonyms or antonyms.

antonyms are words that are opposed to another word in meaning.

In many instances, however, a list of antonyms is unnecessary.

antonyms: unamenable, unaccountable, disobedient, insubmissive.

antonyms: disconnection, detachment, isolation, incoherence.

antonyms: accidental, unconscious, unpremeditated, unintentional.

antonyms: indistinction, indiscrimination promiscuity, obscurity.

antonyms: inharmonious, discordant, antagonistic, incompatible.

antonyms: unknowable, unascertainable, incognoscible, unrecognizable.

antonyms: unobtainable, unprocurable, unattainable, inaccessible.


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1867, coined to serve as opposite of synonym, from Greek anti- “equal to, instead of, opposite” (see anti-) + -onym “name” (see name (n.)). Perhaps introduced to English in the book “Synonyms and Antonyms” (1867) by the Ven. C.J. Smith, M.A. UNDER the head of Synonyms and Antonyms , Archdeacon Smith arranges words which form an antithesis to one another. The word “antonym” is, we believe, a new formation but useful. [“Journal of Sacred Literature,” July 1867] French antonyme (1842), German antonym (by 1859) are older. The un-Greek alternative counterterm has been left to fade.

Two words with opposite meanings. Cold and hot are antonyms; so are small and large. (Compare synonyms.)

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