May 16 2018

Asbury Theological Seminary-Memphis – Asbury Theological Seminary

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Asbury Theological Seminary-Memphis

Experience Asbury Theological Seminary-Memphis!

Explore seminary education without uprooting your life! Join Asbury Seminary on Saturday, June 24th, 2017 for our summer visit day! You can attend one of two information sessions at either 10:00am or 1:00pm. Hear from staff and faculty about how you can begin your seminary journey! Sign up today

What is Asbury Theological Seminary-Memphis?

Asbury Theological Seminary-Memphis is a partnership between Asbury Theological Seminary and Christ United Methodist Church. Students can pursue classes through cohort model based learning while nurturing a powerful community.

Asbury Theological Seminary is excited about our extension site at Christ United Methodist Church in Memphis, TN*. This extension site is a micro-expression of the Asbury Theological Seminary experience. This site will aim to answer some questions you may have as you consider enrolling at Memphis!

Asbury Theological Seminary-Memphis is an opportunity to begin your theological graduate education in Memphis. Each class meets for two weekends (view schedule ) within a semester and is taught by a local Asbury Theological Seminary faculty member or one who will travel to Memphis to teach the class. Each weekend will feature a special chapel service and students will get to attend New Student Orientation and a spiritual formation retreat at the start of their program. For the Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Leadership degrees students can complete up to 49% of their degree in Memphis. Master of Divinity students will still be required to complete two additional three hour courses on either the Florida Dunnam campus, located in beautiful sunny Orlando, Florida or on our Wilmore Campus, located in the heart of the Bluegrass, just south of Lexington, KY. Likewise, Master of Arts in Leadership students will have to complete one additional three hour course on either campus. The remaining credits may be earned through classes taught on our Kentucky or Florida Dunnam campuses, or through ExL (Extended Learning), our online learning program.**

**For the Master of Divinity, residential requirements may be met at Asbury Theological Seminary-Memphis. 27 of the 30 credit hours, or 9 of the 10 classes offered at Asbury Theological Seminary-Memphis count as residential credit. To fulfill the required 32 hours of residential credit for the Master of Divinity program, students will still be required to complete two three hour courses on either the Kentucky or Florida Dunnam campuses.

Who can attend Asbury Theological Seminary-Memphis?

How can I pay for Asbury Theological Seminary-Memphis classes?

Applications for the fall 2015 semester are also being accepted. Scholarships are highly competitive and priority consideration is given to those who have completed their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and who have been admitted by the Admissions Office by March 1 st. The admissions deadline for fall 2015 is August 15 th. 2015.

How do I apply to Asbury Theological Seminary-Memphis?

All students must apply online and complete their application process by August 15, 2015 to be eligible for Fall 2015 classes or January 15 th for Spring 2016.

How are classes taught at Asbury Theological Seminary-Memphis?

Each class meets for two weekends (view schedule ). Classes are taught on Friday nights and during the day on Saturday on-site at CUMC. Faculty members from both the Florida and Kentucky campuses travel to CUMC to teach these classes. All classes offered at Asbury Theological Seminary-Memphis have an online component. Classes will begin and run through the duration of the academic semesters with face to face class meetings taking place twice per class.

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*Asbury Theological Seminary is authorized for operation as a postsecondary educational institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. In order to view detailed job placement and completion information on the programs offered by Asbury Theological Seminary, please visit and click on the Authorized Institutions Data button.

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