Apr 12 2017

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Automobile Painting Products

We carry compete lines of all types of products for Auto Body Shops and the Do-it-yourselfer.  We also offer expert advice on everything that has to do with painting your vehicle.  We love helping all of our clients.  You will be happy that you came to Allen Paint… Your one stop shop.

We offer same day delivery to auto body shops in most cases.  Call for details.   

Automotive Shop Products and Sundries For:

  • Autos, Trucks, Motorcycles
  • Steel, Plastic, Aluminum, Fiberglass
  • Five Star Auto Sundries,
  • Advantage Auto Sundries
  • Carborundum Sandpapers
  • Transtar
  • Hammerite
  • Fiberglass Evercoat
  • 3M

* Most brands of sundries supplied subject to availability.   

1.) Sandpaper is available by the sheet or by the box

  • Urethane Primer
  • Lacquer Primer
  • Catalyzed Sealers
  • RTS Sealers
  • 2K Sealers
  • DTM and Epoxy Primers
  • Acid Etch Primers

4.) Solvents and Cleaners

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