Aug 17 2017

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Bangkok Property

Your Property Agent In Bangkok.

Where and how we live has an enormous impact on the quality of our lives. This is especially true when moving to a city as exotic as Bangkok. BPA is a British/Thai owned company that specializes not only in the sale and rental of residential or commercial property but also in helping expatriates work their way through the complexities of setting up house in Bangkok.

We have been operating for over 8 years and are the premium agency with a unique, in-depth knowledge of the local market and a record for helping expatriates settle into Bangkok that is second-to-none [ Read More ]

Bangkok Properties

  • Single houses in Bangkok are normally rented out by the owner and can be stand alone or form part of a gated community.
  • Town houses in Bangkok are multi-storey homes and normally form part of a terrace with direct frontage onto the street. They sometimes have a roof or small garden at the rear.
  • Serviced apartments in Bangkok offer all of the conveniences of a good hotel, crockery and linen, daily maid service, and, frequently, an in-house restaurant but also offer the space of an apartment. They can be rented on a short or long term basis and are often used by expatriates while they search for their own home.
  • Apartments in Bangkok are normally found in buildings with a single owner. Major appliances are often supplied and the better properties offer parking, swimming pools, fitness rooms and other sporting and relaxation facilities.
  • Condominiums in Bangkok are buildings where communal areas are jointly owned by the residents who are also responsible for the management of the building. For those who prefer to own their own home, a condominium is usually the most suitable.

Whatever your choice, BPA’s Thai and English speaking staff can provide you with a friendly, professional service in your search for the ideal property and will be happy to assist you to get settled in as quickly and comfortably as possible

We take on new properties on a daily basis so if the property specification you’re looking for is not immediately available, BPA is confident that we can meet your requirements quickly

All of us at Bangkok Property Agents look forward to welcoming you to Bangkok and helping you in your search for the ideal property.

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