Sep 9 2017

Best Travel Insurance for 2015 #cheap #cheap #flights

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Anything can happen while you re on vacation, so it s important to be prepared before your bags are even packed. Check out these common travel insurance scenarios to see if you could benefit from travel insurance on your next trip.

Planning the perfect vacation is a task that takes months, and many people sink thousands of dollars into a trip. A sudden emergency, bad weather or lost luggage can turn a dream vacation into a nightmare. Travel insurance offers peace of mind when planning a vacation. It may cover cancellations, flight delays, property damage, lost luggage, health emergencies and much more.

What features matter most?

Protection from Cancellation, Delay or Interruption

Sometimes, situations beyond your control impact your travel plans. Weather, family tragedies, illness, work and other issues can cause you to cancel, postpone or interrupt your trip.

  • Weather or worker delays. Some travel insurance policies offer reimbursement for trips interrupted by worker strikes or the weather.
  • Sickness, injury or death. An illness, injury or death of your or a loved one might require a trip cancellation, but with the right coverage it won t cost the policyholder financially.
  • Work-related interruptions. If work interferes with your ability to travel, you can cancel and get your money back with the right coverage. The same is true if you become unemployed, making a trip an unwise expenditure.
  • Medical and dental coverage

    Transportation coverage

    Customer service

    Property loss or damage

    Extensions on demand

    What are different types of travel insurance?

    One-time only

    Annual plan

    Long-term plan

    Group plans

    Like many products, buying several policies at once may offer a group discount. Typically, these are sold to groups of 10 or more.

    Domestic or international

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