Aug 31 2017

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Tourism & Travel Packages to Bhutan

Greetings from Himalayas! Our careful preservation of our culture and environment have made the kingdom of Bhutan be called “the last place on the roof of the world.” If you want to visit a land rich in cultural heritage and natural wildlife when you travel, Bhutan is the place to visit.

Bhutan tours are carefully designed to keep the local culture, fauna and flora intact, while letting visitors enjoy the nation’s beauty. At the turn of the century, Bhutan tourism was limited. Now more than 25 thousand tourists visit Bhutan per year, thanks to the international appeal of travel Bhutan packages. Bhutan travel and tourism offer peeks into the traditional Buddhist culture that makes Bhutan “The Last Shangri-La.”

As people travel to Bhutan from all over the world to such far land of Thunder Dragon, they often wants to cover the nearby Himalayan regions as well, like Darjeeling, Sikkim, and sometimes Nepal. Therefore we have designed few tours to keep the nearby regions as well, and preservation is evident now in various other nearby Himalayan regions as well, as they have taken a leaf out of Bhutan’s way of managing forests and resources.

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