Mar 14 2018

Boeing Support and Services

Boeing Support and Services

Boeing delivers the industry s largest portfolio of support and services. It s organized around the way airlines do business, designed to optimize the performance of their airplanes and operations, and backed by the knowledge and experience that only Boeing can provide.

We work closely with each customer to deliver the Parts Solutions, Maintenance and Engineering Solutions and Flight Operations Solutions they need directly from the OEM.

We tailor solutions to meet specific needs by integrating services across our portfolio. And it s all grounded on and combined with world-class 24/7 Customer Support from Boeing.


Support and Services

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How We Give You an Advantage

Five unique characteristics give you a competitive edge and help ensure your success.

Passionate People – Boeing people are with you every day, working around the clock to support your business. Experienced, knowledgeable and committed-we’re here for you.

OEM Knowledge – Our design knowledge, manufacturing experience, engineering expertise and fleet data are part of every service we provide. No one else has it. And no one else can say you are backed by Boeing.

Breakthrough Technologies – Our commitment to research and development helps keep your airplanes safe, reliable and available-and your operations efficient.

Lifecycle Commitment – Our support of your long-term success starts when you acquire your airplanes and continues as you operate and maintain them daily, upgrade and refresh them, and transition them.

Unparalleled Integration – We have the largest services portfolio in the industry, so we can provide solutions that span your enterprise. And we can integrate solutions to give your fleet, operations and business maximum performance.


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