May 31 2017

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FAQ’s about the Textbook Rental Program for students at Hillsborough Community College

Why is the Bookstore offering this new service?

Because the Bookstore is concerned about the rising cost of textbooks and the hardship it places on

students. Over the past several years the prices of textbooks have continued to increase. So much that a textbook for a course now exceeds $70.00, and many courses require more than one book.

How much can I save by renting a textbook?

For example, a textbook that is sold for $80.00 new and $60.00 used, may be rented for $40.00 new and $30.00 used. The advantage is that you save money and don’t have to worry about selling your books at the end of the semester.

Why aren’t rental textbooks available for all courses?

First, this is a pilot program and only a small number of courses have been selected to participate in the initial phase. Second, in some cases the advance of technology in that field of study is exceeding the publisher’s ability to produce current textbooks. Since many of these books will be outdated in less than a year the faculty may not be using a particular book the following semester/academic year. Since the rental fee is less than the actual cost of the textbook it is not cost effective for the Bookstore to rent books that have a short shelf life. This is also the reason that many of the textbooks in certain programs are not part of the textbook rental program.

What if I decide I want to keep my rented textbook?

No problem. If you rent a textbook and decide during the rental period that you would like to keep the

textbook, simply come to the Bookstore and you will be charged the difference between the rental price and the price of the book. This book; however, may NEVER be sold back to the Bookstore once it is purchased.

What if the book is damaged or lost?

If the book is damaged to the point that it is not in reusable condition or is lost, you must notify the Bookstore during the rental period and you will have to pay the difference between the rental price and the price of the book.

What if I choose not to return my rented textbook?

In addition to the rental fee you have paid you will be charged the full price of the textbook.

What are the general conditions of the textbook rental agreement? 1. You must be an enrolled student at Hillsborough Community College.

2. Yo must use a credit card that is valid throughout the rental period.

3. You must keep the textbook in a reusable condition.

4. Textbook Rental Contracts can only be canceled during the College’s Drop/Add period at the

beginning of the semester.

5. Rented textbooks can only be returned to the Campus Bookstore you rented them from.

6. Rented textbooks must be returned on or before the due/return date printed on your contract.

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