Apr 16 2018

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cheap cars dublin

Cheap cars dublin

Huge Choice of Models

Used Volkswagen, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, BMW, Audi and many more available

Cheap cars dublin

Handpicked Selection

With thousands of cars in our extensive fleet to choose from, we meticulously pick the best.

Cheap cars dublin

Better Than Any Test Drive

See why you should find your next car with Hertz Rent2Buy

Hertz Car Sales

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    Cheap cars dublinCheap cars dublin

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North Circular Road

Hertz Car Sales – Buying a car…made better

Hertz started with a small fleet of Ford Model T’s way back in 1918, a time when the very invention of the automobile was only 30 years old. From those humble beginnings, over the next hundred years Hertz honed and perfected their customer offering, establishing themselves as No.1 in the car rental industry.

Hertz Car Sales is something brand new to Ireland, but Hertz Car Sales has been making happy customers and enjoying continuing popularity across America for the last forty years. To put that in context Hertz have been selling motor cars since 1977, the year the first Star Wars movie was released and the same year Elvis Presley passed away. In those four decades, Star Wars has gone on to have numerous sequels, Elvis has remained the indelible King of rock and roll, and Hertz Car Sales have been continually striving to perfect the used car purchasing experience.

Hertz Car Sales dealerships have a wide variety of nearly new cars to choose from, with multiple leading car brands, models and specifications available. With a vast choice from our extensive fleet, we meticulously pick the best to sell on our forecourt. As you’ll find when you visit our used car dealership, our cars aren’t old – they’re nearly new. Over the course of their young life, all our cars have been methodically maintained and kept spotlessly clean with weekly valeting, making our stock showroom fresh.

With our arrival in the heart of Dublin, Hertz Car Sales changes the used car landscape in Ireland, bringing a new experience to the affordable used car market. Compare our prices and you’ll realise just how competitive we are. We endeavour to be the cheapest in the market place, but that doesn’t mean we cut back on our high standards or level of service. Our goal is to build on our long established reputation, to ensure we continually deliver on our high standards of customer service and ensure that we have exceptionally satisfied customers.

If you are looking to buy a used car – you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Hertz Car Sales.

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