May 29 2017

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Car Cover

Dust, dirt, water, grime and the sun. The elements. These are the primary agents that can corrupt your car’s fine paint and body. These can quickly wear out and chip off not only years from your car’s look but also from its lifespan.

Protection from the elements is a major concern for most car owners. Some opt the security of a garage but others are not fortunate enough. What do they do? Most turn to car covers.

Investing in a quality car cover is not only a practical move but is also an essential for every car owner. It can offer additional protection from the elements, either indoor or outdoor. It can protect your car’s finish from the dreaded elements and even from your tike’s crayons. There are a plethora of car covers in the market, for different car sizes and shapes, from the generic car covers from every car make to truck covers to SUV covers. But nothing beats a custom-made car cover for it can completely envelop your car in its protective fit.

From the myriad of car cover designs and looks, it is best to choose one which completely matches your lifestyle. A custom-made cotton car cover is great from a garaged vehicle. A car parked outside, whether in a car port or even out in the open, needs the heavy duty protection of car cover that can protect it from the elements but can still allow your car’s finish to breathe by letting air pass through the fabric.

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