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Your Monthly Car Loan EMI: 4,402

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The much anticipated successor to the SLS AMG, the new AMG GT S is being launched in India. This high performance model is touted to be better than the standard GT and comes with a variety of features that would send any car aficionado into a tizzy. The fifth in the Mercedes-AMG series, the Mercedes – AMG GT S comes with a 3982 cc twin turbocharged V8 engine fuelled by petrol that can produce a power of 510 PS at 6250 rpm along with 650 Nm of torque ranging between 1750 rpm and 4750 rpm and a seven speed dual-clutch transmission.

This new model can cover quarter of a mile within 11.2 seconds as the engine powers the vehicle enough for it to reach 0 km/h to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds.

The classic and much loved styling of the SLS AMG has been retained with a few changes here and there such as the design of the doors which are a lot more conventional and sober as compared to the previous models. In addition to this, new features such as a new ‘Race’ mode has been provided, enabling the driver to open the exhaust valves to their full potential. These features also increase the transmission response and engines.

The Mercedes-AMG GT S will be launched in its full splendour in New Delhi on November 24th.

12th November 2015

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