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Car Private Sale

Value of a 1967 Chevy Pick-Up

The value of a 1967 Chevrolet truck can only be determined by the seller and the buyer; the price will fluctuate wildly from transaction to transaction. Truck value guides rarely Read More

How to Title a Gifted Vehicle in Michigan

A new or used vehicle is one of the most exciting gifts a person can receive, and transferring the title to the new owner’s name is an easy and relatively Read More

How to Get a Title for a Motorcycle in Ohio With Just a Bill of Sale

It is customary when you buy a vehicle to receive a title and a bill of sale during the purchase transaction. In rare instances, the title may be missing or Read More

How to Recover a Lost Car Title

States differ in the exact process required for title replacement, but going to your state motor vehicle’s office with proper identification and vehicle information will allow you to replace your Read More

How to Get an Auto Title when a Person Has Died in Arizona

The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) will transfer a vehicle title into your name, even if the original owner did not transfer or sign over the title before his death. Read More

How to Register a Japanese Car

Registering a Japanese vehicle in the U.S. can vary from mildly challenging to quite difficult. Before it can be registered in any state, the vehicle has to be legally imported Read More

How to Buy a Car in Pennsylvania & Register in New Jersey

Registering an out of state car in New Jersey can create the need for extra paper work and time spent at the Division of Motor Vehicles. You should be prepared Read More

How to Transfer an Automobile Title to a Spouse in North Carolina

To transfer a vehicle title to a spouse in North Carolina, both spouses must have valid North Carolina driver’s licenses. Any title transfers in North Carolina are subject to title Read More

How to Import Cars From Germany

Germany was the second-largest exporter in the world in 2009 and a bulk of that came from cars. Popular German brands include the luxury Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz lines, as Read More

State of Maine Auto Title Requirements

Maine offers several classes of title including titles for regular automobiles and warranty titles for specialized categories. According to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, applications for Maine certificates of title Read More

How to Change Ownership With a POA at the DMV in Roanoke, VA

A power of attorney (POA) allows one person to act on behalf of another person. It is commonly used in cases where someone is sick or does not have the Read More

How to Protect Yourself When Selling a Used Car

Various scams target private sellers in today’s car sales market. In addition, you’ll have to deal with strangers driving your vehicle and calling your phone. Take the necessary steps to Read More

How to Change the Address on a Car

If you move to a new home, most states require that a change of address be filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles in regard to your car registration. To Read More

How to Buy a Car on Short Sale

Buying a car on a short sale means that you are paying the seller less than what he or she owes to the lender. A seller behind in car payments Read More

How to Transfer a Car Title in British Columbia

Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation (MTO) handles matters involving car registration and title. If you recently purchased a used vehicle, inherited a vehicle, or were given a used vehicle, you need Read More

How to Sign Over a Car Title in Ohio

When purchasing a vehicle, there is a little more to it than just an exchange of cash. There are two very important steps involved; transfer of ownership and transfer of Read More

How to Transfer a Car Title in Tennessee

If you buy a Tennessee-titled car, you need to have the certificate of title transferred into your name before you will have full legal rights to it. You will need Read More

Private Car Sale Laws in California

A private sale, which is a transaction between two individuals rather than with any licensed business, is one of the simplest ways to buy or sell a used car. However, Read More

How to Bring Foreign Cars to the U.S.

Importing a foreign car into the United States is not as simple as putting the vehicle on a ship and picking it up at the closest port. All imported vehicles Read More

How Do I Purchase a Concept Car?

Buying a true concept car from a private owner or auto manufacturer is the holy grail of purchases for car collectors. It is seldom heard of and rarely seen on Read More

One of the more popular Mercedes-Benz sport luxury vehicles has always been the CLK model. The value of these cars continues to hold up well compared to other vehicles, and Read More

Buying a car from a private seller is a great way to get a great vehicle at a lower price than you’d pay at a car dealer. Often time, many Read More

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