Jul 22 2017

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Seat covers were originally intended solely for upholstery protection. Sliding in and out of your car, again and again, wears down, erodes and weakens the fibers of the seat’s surface a little more each time. Unfortunately, a good idea in theory doesn’t necessarily equal a good idea in practice. The first generation of seat covers were ill-fitted, ugly and uncomfortable. As it always happens, things evolved, and seat covers improved. Today’s quality seat covers are custom made to fit correctly—and stay in place. And, there are endless colors, patterns and finishes to choose from—an instant make-over for your interior. Add a new look, a splash of color or some personality to your interior while extending the lifespan.

I like the look of my leather seats, but in South Florida they can be uncomfortably hot and sticky sometimes. I keep a set of sheepskin seat covers for comfort’s sake in my garage. They are plush and cool, and make road trips more enjoyable. Best of all, they’re easy to put on and take off, they come in a variety of colors, and they’re machine washable. You may associate “sheepskin” with warmth for northern climates. This is accurate, but they’re also the coolest seat covering you can have. In any south Florida parking lot, you’ll see lots of convertibles with sheepskin covers. I also have a set of Hawaiian print covers for my Vette that I break out when I go to the Keys. Cruising the highway, listening to Buffet, sitting on my Hawaiian seat covers with the convertible top down makes me feel like a local—or at least helps me keep the attitude.

There are a variety of seat covers available these days. The low-quality, inexpensive covers found in department stores just will not fit the elaborate seats found in cars today. And nothing’s more aggravating than sliding or twisted up seat covers. Talk about road rage. Today’s cars have lots of variables—arm rests, contours, and now airbags along the sides. A standard seat cover, nine times out of ten, is not going to fit. The seat covers we present here are high-quality seat covers, well-made, many of them custom-fit. Take my word for it, waiting a few weeks for your custom order is worth it for the satisfaction you’ll experience with correctly-fitting covers.

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K Musick, Glen Haven CO

I’m a repeat customer. I can always count on getting the best selection of products available for my car here – shipping is super fast and the website is easy to navigate. Ill be back.

L. Binford, Avondale Estates, GA

Seat covers ship from the manufacturer via ground service. Expedited and international shipping are not available.

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