Sep 30 2017

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TOP TIPS: How to check your tyres are safe this winter

Kent and Sussex residents face months of snow, ice and frost as the cold winter weather arrives once again.Just at the moment the UK is also experiencing a.

Black Friday 2015: Asda cuts petrol prices to under 1 per.

Asda has slashed its petrol prices for Black Friday 2015.The supermarket has cut its prices on unleaded petrol by 4p a litre to 99.7p, almost 10p cheaper than.

How to de-ice your car this winter

Kent and Sussex drivers face months of waking up to icy and solid windscreens this winter as the freezing cold weather begins.Avoid damaging your car or being.

​Mercedes-Benz pops up in the Royal Victoria Place, Tunbridge.

Shoppers visiting Royal Victoria Place in Tunbridge Wells will experience a more powerful kind of retail experience this weekend, with the opening of latest.

Deer warning to Kent and Sussex drivers

Kent and Sussex motorists are advised to take extra care in areas where deers are common over the breeding reason.Road safety organisation GEM Motoring Assist.

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