Aug 31 2017

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I leased a Jetta through CarsDirect back in 2000 when the company was really a broker and listed the actual sales prices for the car and worked directly with you on the financing.  The trip to the dealership was simply about picking up your purchased car.

I gave it a try again this week and found that the business model has totally changed.  They appear to just be a referral service that takes your configured car info and pass it along to local dealerships they have a relationship with.  I gave it a shot for a Mazda 3 and a Kia Soul and found the referrals completely useless. Either the dealerships did not have the car I had configured or they would start with the so what are you looking for? question which should have already been answered by CarsDirect.

In the end, I just visited the Kia and Mazda websites, located all the dealers in my area and visited each dealer s website for specials.  I ultimately decided on the Kia Soul and found the car I had configured at a Kia dealership which had not been one of CarsDirect s Trusted Dealerships .  I paid about $1,000 less than the price that CarsDirect suggested I pay these Trusted Dealerships .

CarsDirect isn t the one stop shop it used to be.  Unfortunately, it s not even good as a referral business.

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