Apr 10 2017

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Real Estate in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands offer a diverse variety of real estate for you to choose from. As a wonderful place to call home (or second home) and a major hub for financial and business institutions, your needs can be met whether you are wanting residential or commercial property.

Given the natural beauty of the islands and a culture and economy that is one of the most robust in the world, it is no wonder that real estate in the Cayman Islands is a popular and lucrative investment.

When shopping around for property be sure to take into account the exchange rate of the area so you can fairly price a home or commercial lot.

Residential Property

If you are looking for residential property, then the Cayman Islands offer some of the most beautitful and scenic options around. It has become a very popular spot for second or vacation homes that allow you to get away and relax for a while. As the saying in real estate goes “Location, Location, Location,” none can be truer that in the Cayman Islands. Prices can fluctuate and vary wildly depending on the location of a home. Beachfront homes will offer breathtaking views of the ocean, but expect to pay a premium to get those views.

Commercial Property

The Cayman Islands are home to thousands of financial institutions and several large corporations. While many of these are registered and licensed in the area (without a physical office), there are still many businesses and copmanies that have their headquarters or large satellite offices there. Compared to other cities and destinations, commercial real estate in the islands can be found to be comparable to that of a large city in the United States or Europe.


Grand Cayman and the other two islands have seen healthy growth in development and building over the last several years. Condos, subdivisions, residential units, and even commercial properties have been springing up all over the islands and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. These developments offer convenience, comfort, and all the amenities you might find in any developed city.

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