Apr 10 2017

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Nicaragua Real Estate

The Lure of Northern Nicaragua

Dreaming of owning your own luxurious beachfront home or finding that secluded beach bungalow? If you re adventurous and enjoy pristine, untouched landscapes, then the north is where you want to be. Our Century 21 Marina office, the first and only real estate office in the area, serves as the gateway to a region adorned with lush rolling hills, breathtaking vistas and secluded beaches all carved up by enchanting estuaries.

The road from Chinandega to the turn for the Marina where our office is located was recently paved. At the end of the beach road (recently paved with 9 km of bricks), Marina Puesta del Sol, a world-class marina and resort, rewards travelers with outstanding ambiance and waterfront amenities while blending into the landscape. The Marina has set the standard in the region for beautiful architecture and construction. The same builder contracted my home and our office. Nearby, oceanfront homes are emerging and have adhered to similar architectural standards and class. There are 5 miles of pristine beaches all with stunning homes. If you are looking for condos or golf course then you’ll have to look quite far. Neither can be found within 125 kilometers.

You feel very secluded in the area yet you are only 20 minutes from the 4th largest city in the country with all the required amenities. We also boast some of the best restaurants in the country with Al Cielo’s French Cuisine and breathtaking views, PortuNica’s home style Portuguese food, Marina Puesta del Sol’s dining over the water with a view of San Cristobal Volcano and surf grinds at the fun Chancletas.

The North is quickly becoming a destination getaway for surfers, tourists and permanent residents alike, yet continues to retain its authentic Nicaraguan character. You can still enjoy local Sunday baseball and be taken care of as the only foreigner in the crowd. As for waves there are 25 peaks of every type of wave you can imagine (point, reef, island, heavy sand, easy sand, bay, etc) all within a 2.5 mile radius. There are not many other locations on earth with such variety in close proximity. Savvy investors and those seeking a personal paradise are only beginning to discover this hidden jewel.

You’re in the best hands with us. Owner Barry Oliver brokered his first properties in Costa Rica in 2002. Shortly after that he brokered several properties in Rancho Santana and Hacienda Iguana before opening the first Nicaraguan Century 21 offices in San Juan del Sur in 2005 and Popoyo in 2006. He has since sold those offices and concentrates in the last frontier of the Marina area with the office he opened in 2007. He has more experience with coastal property than anyone in the business.

Century 21 Nicaragua owner and founder Barry Oliver was recently featured on Viva Tropical Radio discussing investment and real estate oppurtunities in Nicaragua. Some info from the Podcast is below:

Viva Tropical Radio Podcast

On this Episode we discuss Nicaragua and all its awesome potential. Barry Oliver, a real estate professional, has over 10 years experience in the country and his knowledge will make a different if you are considering buying or investing there.

One of the safest countries in Central America, Nicaragua is often overlooked because of its turbulent history and lack of organization. Today’s situation is much different and many have already discovered why this is one of the best options for living in Central America.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Where the best investment opportunities are located
  • Home much it costs to build
  • How much beachfront property costs
  • Who are buyers in Nicaragua

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