Aug 31 2018

Community Hospice, Offering support and care for people with a life-limiting illness, community care hospice.#Community #care #hospice

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Community care hospice

Community care hospice

The Community Hospice

Serving seriously ill people and their families

Wherever you or your loved one may be – in your own home, in a local nursing home, or in the hospital, The Community Hospice can help. Our special kind of care focuses on allowing patients to live with dignity, where and how they want to live, with the best quality of life possible. We can provide support and guidance for months, and not just a few days or weeks.

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  • Community care hospiceCommunity care hospice

Patient: Roger Wade Shares His Story.

Why calling Hospice Early was the Right Choice for Him.

  • Community care hospice


Community care hospice

  • Community care hospice


    Community care hospice

  • Community care hospice

    Family Member

    Community care hospice

    Hospice Care

    Don’t know what I and my family would have done without hospice. My Dad quickly declined and we never had a chance to process it. Their care and comfort to him and us is something I will never forget. God bless.

    Lisa Pelton

    Camp Erin

    My kids went 4 years ago after they lost their dad. I was so afraid it would be a depressing trip and bring even more focus to the magnitude of our loss. Boy was I wrong. Thank you Camp Erin!

    Melissa Mirabile

    Community care hospice

    (518) 724-0242 or 1-800-678-0711

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    Community care hospice

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