Jun 12 2017

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Compare Plans

Comparing the Best Travel Medical Plans is the Smart Move

Whether you’re planning a short trip away from home, a business trip, or a longer vacation, having travel insurance is a must, and having the appropriate level of cover is vital. This is why we strongly recommend you compare travel insurance providers and policies.

No Two Travel Insurance Policies Are the Same

Okay, so this statement may not be entirely true but you get the idea! While many policies look the same on the surface there are usually differences when you get down to reading the small print. The amount they cover, the excess you have to pay out when making a claim, and most importantly what exactly they cover will all vary to a certain extent so be sure to compare the options before making a decision.

Here at International Travel Insurance Group you can compare travel insurance options from multiple different providers. We work with the biggest and most respected names in the travel and trip insurance business, and are able to provide our customers with up-to-date information on the various policies offered through these companies.

We provide three general categories of travel insurance:

    Trip Insurance Plans   / Compare Trip Insurance    Covers the cost of your trip with some additional benefits (lost luggage, trip delay, etc) Travel Medical Plans  / Compare Travel Medical Insurance    Covers medical expenses as well as other risk when traveling overseas for less than a year International Health Plans  / Compare Global Medical Insurance  – Long term Health insurance for expatriates and global nomads living abroad for a year or more

What to Look for When Comparing Travel Insurance

When making plans for your next trip it’s easy to forget the travel insurance. Many travelers do leave it up to the last minute and can end up rushing into buying a policy that really doesn’t suit their needs. Travel insurance is a crucial part of any trip away from home so we recommend you take your time reviewing the different options to find the most suitable coverage.

When you compare travel insurance there are a number of factors you should be comparing, not just what the insurance will cost you. While it is tempting to want to buy the cheapest travel insurance available this can be a false economy. In general you should expect that a cheaper policy will offer lower coverage, both in terms of what is covered and how much the provider will pay out. If you do have to make a claim you could find the limits are not adequate and you’re stuck with having to pay a very large invoice.

The most important factor when doing a comparison is what the travel insurance actually covers. A standard travel insurance will usually cover you for such things as medical expenses, cancellation, travel delay, baggage protection, and emergency evacuation. You can then step up from the standard policy and pay a little more for enhanced benefits and higher coverage amounts.

Another option here is extreme sports insurance  if you’re planning to enjoy any extreme sports while on your trip. It is essential that you buy this increased coverage. If you do have an accident while partaking in extreme sports and you don’t have the additional cover you will find that the insurance provider does not pay out.

Some travelers may not want any medical cover at all, for example if you are covered under another policy already, or you may feel that baggage protection is unnecessary. In these circumstances you can consider purchasing a trip cancellation policy that will pay back your trip expenses if you have to cancel. If your medical policy covers you abroad, you might simply want to purchase emergency evacuation to cover an un-forseen illness while traveling.

So when comparing travel insurance it’s not just a case of comparing what the policy will cost. Be sure to look into the different types of coverage, choose a policy that suits your needs exactly, and one that has adequate levels of cover.

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