Nov 5 2017

Credit Card Activity for College Students #tri #merge #credit #report

#college credit cards

Credit Card Activity for College Students

by Odysseas Papadimitriou. CardHub CEO

The combination of a college student and a credit card terrifies many parents.  And it’s understandable, considering all of the parent-funded, plastic-facilitated shopping sprees we see depicted on reality TV and in the movies.  But do actual college students really use credit so recklessly?

The statistics below will help you answer that question, as they illustrate the average balance held on student credit cards as well as student payment habits, the percentage of students using credit by grade level, how credit and debit card usage habits compare, and much more.

Ultimately, it’s important to wrap your head around student credit card use, as it is the most efficient way for young people to establish credit history and improve their credit score.  Good credit is extremely important in the “real world,” as it affects your ability to get a loan, rent an apartment, lease a car, and even land certain jobs.

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