Aug 2 2017

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Word Origin & History

Example Sentences for credit card

Donations are accepted in a number of other ways including checks, online payments and credit card donations.

His own credit card cannot, of course, be good in other lands.

At first I used a credit card arranged after the order of a meal ticket.

The credit card companies will guarantee the payments, which will be subject to residual crime.

Lower interest rates have brought down the cost of home mortgages, car payments and credit card rates to ordinary citizens.

We have also taken the first steps to protect the privacy of bank and credit card statements and other financial records.

A system of book-keeping may be devised, and each purchaser may use a credit card. or some similar device.

The credit card is different from any other; it seems to be the most simple of all the monthly systems.

I stuck my credit card in the meter and hopped out, not fast enough to duck the fan-driven pin-pricks of sand as he pulled away.

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