Apr 27 2017

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Custom Fit Seat Covers

Coverking Custom Fit Seat Covers Boast Premium Protection & Tailored Fit

Coverking’s world-class custom seat covers are available in many fabrics and colors/patterns but they share many commonalities. They are custom tailored specifically for your seat row and made to order per your specifications. Most custom covers are made in our Anaheim, California facility. Each row of custom seat covers includes things that set Coverking apart from other manufacturers, like seat back storage pockets, purpose-built attachments, 3D advanced patterns, seams that match your original seats, and 360 degree protection – meaning we use the same quality fabric on the back of the seat as we do on the front. To help you choose from our growing number of fabric options, please request free material swatches to feel and compare materials.

Covering your car, truck, or SUV’s seats can keep your interior looking new for resale, cover existing damage, or even personalize your interior to suit your taste and interest. A car is one of the most expensive purchases the average person makes in their life, so it is wise to consider ways of protecting it’s value and ensuring the longest service life possible. Seat covers can protect your seats from UV rays, spills, kids, pets, work, tools, entry/exit friction, food, sweat, and a never-ending list of everyday activities that wear out seats. Seat covers can also increase comfort – with added padding, and insulation from cold/heat.

Genuine Leather

Luxurious, top-grade American leather seating surfaces with top-stitch seams

Coverking Custom Fit Seat Covers Boast Premium Protection & Tailored Fit

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