Feb 14 2018

Dedicated Server Hosting for FreeBSD servers

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Dedicated Server Hosting for FreeBSD servers

Dedicated server hosting can remove hardware compatibility issues for FreeBSD, since the dedicated servers will be built with FreeBSD compatible hardware. What is even handier is that you do not need to buy the server hardware, put it all together and then load and configure FreeBSD. The techs at the hosting company do all of that for you to give you a rock solid and stable dedicated server hosting FreeBSD.

Choosing your dedicated server hosting provider

When deciding on your dedicated server hosting provider there are three factors to consider when looking at their dedicated hosting services :

    • Monthly price, this includes your bandwidth costs, your server hardware configuration

      You also have to consider any software license such as your operating system, in this case you would more than likely choose a free license of FreeBSD. Servers can however run on other operation systems if you want a popular control panel such as Plesk or CPANEL you will have to factor in their monthly lease cost as well.

    • Service level from your dedicated server hosting provider, such as 15 minutes of routine server maintenance per month or a more intensive plan of x hours per month, however keep in mind that if you are a system administrator yourself, chances are you can handle these things.
    • Setup fees, the cost of the web host putting all the hardware together and loading on and pre-configuring the software for you. Usually the setup fee is waived if you commit to a longer term such as one year or in some cases as little as three months, this is the case regardless if you are choosing FreeBSD hosting or some other operating systesm.

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