May 15 2018

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Degree Programs

Master degree in theology

Degree Programs

Candler School of Theology offers 16 degrees to match your academic interests and help fulfill your vocational goals.

Single Degrees

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

Designed for individuals who are preparing for ordained ministry, the Master of Divinity integrates real life and real study that encompass two years of practical experience in both ecclesial and social ministry settings. Learn more.

Master of Theological Studies (MTS)

The two-year Master of Theological Studies program is for students interested in exploring theology without preparing for ordained ministry. Students design the program of study based on their area of interest. Learn more.

Master of Religious Leadership (MRL)

The Master of Religious Leadership is designed to enhance the leadership potential of those interested in Christian service. Students can choose from five concentrations to find the one that fits their particular gifts. Learn more.

Master of Religion and Public Life (MRPL)

The Master of Religion and Public Life is designed for professionals in law, healthcare, social work, education and other fields whose work requires them to navigate issues of faith on a regular basis. Learn more.

Master of Theology (ThM)

A one-year program of study beyond the Master of Divinity, the Master of Theology is for students who wish to deepen their knowledge in a particular area of study in order to enhance their vocation or ministry. Learn more.

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

The three-year Doctor of Ministry with a 90 percent online curriculum taught by full-time Candler faculty allows experienced practitioners to explore the latest in theological education within the real world of everyday, practical church ministry. Learn more.

Dual Degrees

Bioethics and Theology

A dual Master of Divinity or Master of Theological Studies and and Master of Arts in Bioethics (MDiv/MA-Bioethics or MTS/MA-Bioethics) provides students with an opportunity for deep exploration of theological conceptions of health, illness and disease in order to work in faith-based organizations, patient advocacy or pastoral care in healthcare environments, public healthcare policy, or to pursue advanced studies in bioethics and moral theology. Learn more.

Business and Theology

A dual Master of Divinity or Master of Theological Studies and Master of Business Administration (MDiv/MBA or MTS/MBA) prepares students typically interested in entering the fields of Church Administration, including Investment Management for church development, private wealth management and/or estate planning. Learn more.

Development Practice and Theology

A dual Master of Divinity and Master’s in Development Practice (MDiv/MDP) allows students to combine training and experience in international development with theological studies and formation for ministry. Learn more.

Law and Theology

A dual Master of Divinity or Master of Theological Studies and Doctor of Law (MDiv/JD or MTS/JD) allows students to combine training in law with training in ministry or religious studies. Learn more.

Public Health and Theology

The Master of Divinity or the Master of Theological Studies and a Master of Public Health (MDiv/MPH or MTS/MPH) prepares individuals for work in the public health arena within the context of religion and provides them with the theological knowledge to enhance health programs for special populations. Learn more.

Social Work and Theology

The Master of Divinity and Master of Science in Social Work (MDiv/MSW) is designed for those interested in considering the role of faith and religious institutions in community health and development, the care of individuals in poverty and crisis, responses to systemic and institutional injustice, and issues of social transformation. Learn more.

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