May 17 2018

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Department of Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice is the scientific study of crime, delinquent and criminal behavior, and society’s response. Through our curriculum, students examine a variety of theoretical perspectives and competing viewpoints, and are equipped with the analytical and research tools for understanding and exploring issues of crime and justice.

Our goal is to help students develop a body of general and verified principles and other types of knowledge regarding the process of law, crime and treatment or prevention.

BA, Clark University

MA, Columbia College

JD, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law

PhD, City University of New York Graduate Center

BS, Northeastern University

MS, Boston University

PhD, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Northeastern university criminal justice

Feodor A. Gostjev received his doctorate in sociology from the University of Miami (Florida) and joins us this year in the Bridgewater State University Department of Criminal Justice. He will teach Research Methods in Criminal Justice (CRJU 320) and Analyzing Criminal Justice Data (CRJU 330). His research and scholarship areas of interest include immigration and crime as well as immigration policy and enforcement. His dissertation explored how immigrant entrepreneurship and other forms of immigrant economic activity affect violent crime rates across U.S. counties. Last spring he received the Outstanding Graduate Student Award from the University of Miami’s Department of Sociology. His favorite activities are fantasy football, swimming with sharks and kayaking.

BBA, Loyola Marymount University

MA, Pepperdine University

MS, PhD, Perdue University

BA, MA, PhD, University of Oklahoma

PhD, University of Connecticut

Michael King will teach Introduction to Criminal Justice (CRJU 201) and Seminar:Critical Issues in Crime and Justice (CRJU 496) this Fall (2015). He received his doctorate in Sociology from the University of California Santa Cruz. His research examines the role of policing in American society, particularly the policing of protest and race. His first book, tentatively titled When Riot Cops Are Not Enough: The Policing and Social Control of Occupy Oakland, is forthcoming from Rutgers University Press.

BFA, University of Arizona

PhD, City University of New York Graduate Center

Dr. Monk’s research centers on using the principles of environmental criminology to develop effective crime-specific prevention strategies. Professor Monk recently examined how crime is managed in central business districts in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. While pursuing her doctorate and working as a research associate with the University of Cincinnati Policing Institute, Professor Monk traveled across Ohio helping cities to implement and antiviolence campaign based on the Boston Gun Project, referred to as the Ohio Community Initiative to Reduce Violence. In addition, she worked as a community crime analyst for Cincinnati’s Community Police Partnering Center. this organization sought to improve the relationship between the police and high-crime communities in an effort to address crime and disorder problems. Professor Monk has taught at the University of Cincinnati and for the California State University system.

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