Sep 21 2017

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Direct Access / Entertainment Travel Division

Direct Access was established specifically to handle a wide range of entertainment industry travel. Since its inception, it has handled corporate and production travel that have required a multi-faceted and varied approach to planning and logistics. We have chosen to specialize in the entertainment industry because of the varied, exciting and ever-changing demands that it makes on our ingenuity – professionalism along with an expectation of the highest level of service.



Contracts with key suppliers are vital for corporate travel and production travel to maximize your savings. We will help you evaluate your travel spend, negotiate on your behalf with suppliers and leverage our clout with suppliers to insure the most competitive contacts and benefits. Our staff is fully aware of budgetary restraints, trained in contract compliance as well as Internet fare comparisons accessing all avenues of hard dollar savings. Our online corporate travel booking tool offers capabilities to your employees tailored specifically to travel policies and preferred travel vendors at reduced booking fees.

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