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Direct General Car Insurance Claims

Direct General Auto Insurance s motto is that they make insurance affordable for anyone. With so many uninsured motorists popping up these days, Direct General markets to these motorists and guarantees that they can provide cheaper auto insurance that any budget can still afford. Direct General s current CEO, Dan Tarantin claims “Everyone at Direct General is committed and on board with what we call our credo .

Direct General Auto Insurance strives to meet these professed goals by offering complete vehicle coverage options with customizable payments for tight budget. The company says that its fair claims process and 24 hour support team availability make Direct General Auto Insurance appeal to the general public.

Direct General Auto Insurance allows customers to pick their own auto insurance payment amount, set up payment plans that work for their schedule and budget, and even select their payment dates. If consumers opt to pay their auto insurance premiums early, Direct General gives discounts and rewards for on-time payments.

Customers may customize the bodily injury coverage, property damage coverage, collision and comprehensive coverages, medical payment auto coverage, and even personal injury protection within the restrictions of state regulations in order to achieve the payment they can afford. Direct General also offers their customers towing and rental reimbursement plans if their automobile is ever out of commission.

The company offers an array of package options. With their customizable packages and payment plans, Direct General sells consumers on the fact that they no longer have to worry about whether or not they can afford their auto insurance each month.

For the American consumer who is on a tight budget, but needs affordable and reliable auto insurance, Direct General offers a variety of options that can meet just about any consumer s needs.

History of General Auto Insurance

The Direct General Insurance Company, or DGIC, was originally incorporated in Florida December of 1990. The company was originally known as Independent Property and Casualty Insurance Company and they officially began selling auto insurance policies January of 1991.

In March of 1997, Independent Property and Casualty Insurance Company was sold to the Direct General Corporation and relocated to Tennessee under the name Direct General Auto Insurance. Since then, Direct General Auto Insurance has been offering non-standard private passenger auto insurance policies to consumers in Florida, Georgia, Missouri, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia.

Beginning in December of 1997, Direct General Auto Insurance began selling their private passenger auto insurance policies with over 420 individually operated insurance offices. Direct General Auto Insurance specializes in insuring high-risk drivers who cannot receive auto insurance elsewhere. These days, Direct General Auto also offers term life insurance and other premium finance options to keep in competition with their fellow insurance companies.

Financial Strength of Direct General Auto Insurance

Direct General Insurance Company is listed with A.M. Best Co. as having a B (Fair) rating. This rating reflects the elevated underwriting leverage and limited business profile of both the insurance company and its parent company Direct General Corporation.

Though the Direct General Insurance Company is not registered with the Better Business Bureau, they are in good standing with the state of Tennessee and Missouri. There have been reported claims of policy cancellations within the state of Missouri over the past five years, but these claims were resolved and are no longer on Direct General s record.

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