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Discoverer: The server is running low on virtual memory tips

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Discoverer: The server is running low on virtual memory tips

Question: I am running Discoverer and I am getting this error:

The server is running low on virtual memory.
This can happen due to insufficient disk space or heap space on the server.
Please contact your Discoverer Administrator for assistance.

I am the Discoverer administrator, and I have had none of the required training, and I cannot read English well. Can you explain how to fix the low memory error in plain English?

Answer: First, check for bugs and notes on MOSC:

See MOSC note 135031.1 – When Exporting or Running A Large Query, Discoverer Plus/Viewer Fails With The Server is running low on Virtual Memory.

There is also a bug on this, Bug no: 8437634 titled: The server is running low on virtual memory.

If it is not a bug, you need to add RAM. Michael Armstrong-Smith, author of the Oracle Discoverer Handbook , has these notes on the ” The server is running low on virtual memory” error.

“You are getting low on memory and Discoverer is paging to disk. This will cause severe performance issues.On average you need to allot 85 Mb per Discoverer Plus workbook and 15 Mb per Viewer workbook that can be open concurrently.To this you can add the memory for the operating system and middle tier.After you have done the math, this number should not exceed 85% of your server s available memory.Of course, if you have other applications running on the server as well as Discoverer this will also have to be taken into account and is something I strongly discourage.We may also need to increase the allotted disk space but first of all can you check the physical memory.”

First, try adding virtual memory, in two places, the server, and Discoverer.

Add RAM to a Windows Discoverer server:

First, make sure that you have at least 2 gig of RAM on the Discoverer workstation. The absolute minimum RAM for Discoverer is 512 meg, and most Discoverer workstations like having am minimum of 2 gig of RAM, with most shops using 8 gigabytes of RAM.

Start Control Panel System Advanced Performance Settings Advanced Virtual Memory

CacheFlushPercentage = 50
MaxVirtualDiskMem = 4096000000
MaxVirtualHeapMem = 2048000000

Add RAM to Discoverer:

Next, you need to add RAM to Discoverer. This is done my increasing your MaxVirtualDiskMem and MaxVirtualHeapMem sizes in your $ORACLE_HOME/discoverer/util/pref.txt directory.

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