Jun 21 2018

Donate cars for charity

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Car Donation is fast, free, and easy. Donate your car, van, truck, RV. or boat and even if your vehicle is not used in our free car program it will be sold and 100% of the proceeds will go directly to our charity. Simply call 1-800- CHARITY CARS (1-800-242-7489) or fill out the online car donation form. Once we receive your donation information our representatives will contact you to schedule a convenient time to pick up your tax-deductible car donation. Towing is free. Donate a vehicle in any condition, running or not. Specify the username that you would like to benefit from your donation and that user will receive a minimum of 2000 votes. For every $10 generated from the sale of the vehicle, the username specified will receive 200 votes.

Make a Financial Donation

Don t have a car to donate? Any of the links below lead to one of 1-800-Charity Cars approved online donation partners.

If you would like to make a donation on behalf of a user, please visit that user s profile page and click on one of the donation options in order for that user to receive votes for your donation. Every $10 donation will earn that user 200 votes. Please allow 72 hours for those votes to be received by the user. Badges are awarded to the person specified to receive the votes, not the donor.

For Just Give and PayPal donations, you must specify the username of the person to receive the votes in the designated area listed below for that person to receive the votes.

If you would like your Just Give donation to benefit a specific user, you must add that person s username into the Designate Your Donation box .

If you would like your PayPal donation to benefit a specific user, you must add that person s username into the comments box .

Once again, thank you to every one who is looking for ways to help us continue our mission to uplift humanity. Everyone here at FCC. as well as past future recipients, really appreciate whatever help you can give.

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