Apr 28 2017

Economy Rent a Car – Sun Valley – Los Angeles, CA – Reviews #renting #a #house

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This review is for the Century Blvd location.  We recently rented on a trip to Disney/Pasadena and had a great experience.  The mini-van we… Read More

Do not book with economy car rental or allied

One star is too much.  Read the reviews and you will see a common theme.  This review is for the Century Blvd location.  W arrived at LAX… Read More

One star is too much.  Read the reviews and you will see a common theme.  This review is for the Century Blvd location.  W arrived at LAX and after getting our bags went to the Rental Car shuttle stain outside the baggage area and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  After more than 20 minutes I had to google them on my phone as our reservation had no contact info on it.  I got someone on the phone only to be told I needed to call the Century Blvd office.  I was told like others have mentioned that I needed to go to a different shuttle location and catch a ride to the offsite cell phone lot and call them again for their van to pick me up there.  This is sounding fishy.

After being crammed into a too small van with other victims I arrived a storefront location unlike anywhere I have ever rented a car before.  You can imagine my surprise when I began to go through the rental process and was met by the rudeest person I have ever met.  I made comments about how it would have been nice to have been told how to access them once we arrived as opposed to having to figure out how to get to them and wasting almost an hour.  She then informed me that I had been emailed that information.  No, I responded, holding a hand full of papers I did receive and she insisted I had probably ignore their communication.  She ten proceeded to tell me that maybe they should just cancel my reservation and they would give me a ride to another rental car company.  What.

Being held in somewhat of a hostage situation i told her to just go forward.  As she did she informed me that I would need to also pay them that day a $200.00 deposit.  I have never had to put a deposit down when using a major credit card and I rent cars often.  She said it was a new policy and that everyone was doing it.  She said they bill my card for the full rental and also for the additional $200.00 that day.  She said that the authorization on my MAJOR credit card would expire and so they collect the deposit in case I bring it back empty or there are other damages.  Of course I made the mistake of challenging this and she stopped once again and once again said she thought it would just be better to cancel the reservation.  Another mistake made on the spot was I questioned their commitment to the custom experience and mentioned this one might just hit the Interweb in the form of a negative review.

Well this didn t set well with her and she got on the phone and called someone and asked if she could just cancel the reservation and not deal with me.  She was asked how much the rental fee was  and I guess they needed the $300.00 so she begrudgingly completed the rental.  My antenna however was really going off and if I hadn t felt painted into a corner I would and should have terminated this situation and found another car rental.  Problem is, they are far from the activity in a store front and no other options readily presented themselves.

We were instructed to exit the store and go around to the back of the building (down an alley kind of) and wait there and they would bring us a car.  They did. A newer Jetta.  Our bags were about 20 feet form the car as he pulled up and I told my wife to leave them there while we check over the car.  As I am going over the car I notice there are no license plates on the front or back.  No temporary plate in the window either.  I question this and the guy who brought us the car looked, checked the windows also and then look in the glove compartment.  Yep he said, but that should be a problem, it s a fairly new car.  I am going to be driving in California for and week with scar with no plates, no temporary registration, nothing in the glove box (really, nothing) and this will not be a problem.  He just brings the car, I should go back around and inside to talk to the desk person to register my concern.

She once again offers to tell me to go to hell and cancel the deal.  She then gets on the phone while asking about the plates for the car she is looking through a stack of license plates in envelopes on a desk off to the side.  Nope we haven t got them no this one yet but if you get stopped just show them your rental papers and it won;t be a problem.  It s a new car so they will understand.  .

Awww, Efff it.  Let s load up and get out of here.  I am pretty certain they are renting out stolen, unregistered cars but I m now 2 hours off the plane and what the hell.

We return the car a week later, purposely early and get our fraudulent deposit back and save a day off our rental.  Turned out ok, didn t get stopped for not having plates and in the end no harm came to anyone.

NEVER rent from this place, it s a complete joke and unlike any car rental experience I have ever had.  I was completely at fault for trying to save a little money and went with the lowest price since we would be driving extensively during our week in CA.  You truly get what you pay for except in this case.  This place sucks

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