Nov 5 2017

Electric cars – UK available Electric cars #rental #car #insurance

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UK Electric Cars

Until recently electric vehicles available in the UK were smaller 2 seater cars from small bespoke manufacturers with a range of of 40 to 80 miles and a top speeds from 25 to 45 mph. Within the last few years, electric cars from mainstream manufacturers have been launched offering five seats with ranges in excess of 100 miles, with superior safety and build quality.

Electric cars are favoured by city drivers given their limited range and the current charging infrastructure, and are even more popular in cities where a congestion charges are in force such as London. Huge savings can therefore be made by driving an electric car, including avoiding congestion charge tax, free road tax (VED), no petrol costs and in may cities, free parking and even charging. Up to Ј5,000 is also available from the Government plug-in electric car grant.

Electric Cars are sometimes referred to as zero emission cars, but this refers to tailpipe emissions. Emissions are produced during the generation of electricity unless a renewable energy supplier is used.

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