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Fiat Linea – Fiat Punto – Best Petrol, Diesel Cars in India #how #to #sell #a #car

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Introducing the new FIAT vehicle lineup

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*Ex-showroom price excludes road taxes, registration fees insurance. Starting at price refers to the base model, optional equipment not included.A more expensive model may be shown. Pricing and offers may change at any time without notification. To get full pricing details, contact your nearest dealer.

Trip-to-Italy contest

5 lucky winners will win a trip to Italy ( Trip or Prize ).

The participating Fiat customer is required to fill in a form at Fiat dealership, write a slogan in respect of I love Fiat because . ; and enclose his/her picture alongwith the Fiat car(s) so purchased.

Only valid entries will be considered basis eligibility criteria and the winners will be selected basis creativity quotient of the slogan as may be decided by Fiat creative team in its sole and absolute discretion. The decision of the Fiat creative team shall be final and binding.

Details about the Trip will be available at Fiat dealership and after 15th March 2015.

Fiat will bear only the return air-fare for the Trip and cost of the accommodation. Decision and specifications about accommodation will be at the sole discretion of Fiat. All other expenses shall be borne and paid by the customer.

The winner of the Prize can take one more person along on this Trip at winner s sole discretion, risk and responsibility.

The Prize so won is valid till 31st August 2015.

The winner of the Prize shall fix travel dates two months in advance. Any charges with respect to rescheduling or cancellation shall be borne by the winner

FIAT Linea and FIAT Punto are registered trademarks of Fiat Group.

BLUE ME is the trademark of Fiat Group.

MULTIJET is a registered trademark of Fiat Group.

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New Linea Tjet contest June 2014

Test drive the New Linea T-jet at any of our Authorized Fiat Dealerships

Once the customer has test driven the new Linea T-jet and entered into the contest she/he has to fill out a contest card which s/he will get at the dealership

In the contest card s/he has to mention why s/he loved the Linea T-jet after the test drive

The dealer will send the contest card back to the marketing team

The contest starts on 11th June, 2014 and ends on 11 July, 2014. The test drive should have occurred between 11th June to 11th July

Winner will be announced on 25th July, 2014

By entering the Contest, you hereby represent and warrant Fiat Group Automobiles India private Limited (“FGAIPL” or “Company”) that all information submitted or to be submitted by you in your Entry is true, correct and complete in all respects vis- -vis the requirements of the Contest herein and does not infringe any third party rights including but not limited to intellectual property rights. FGAIPL reserves the right to verify any information contained in your Entry and/or your eligibility to enter the Contest.

Unless otherwise stated in the T C herein, the Contest is open only to the persons who are resident of India.

Unless otherwise stated in the T C, the Contest is open to persons of the age 18 years and above.

FGAIPL reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to disqualify any entrant if FGAIPL has reasonable grounds to believe that an entrant has breached any of the T C, any applicable law or has otherwise infringed the third party rights, if any. Each entrant acknowledges and agrees that any failure to comply with the T C shall lead to FGAIPL disqualifying such entrant, without giving any prior or subsequent intimation of such disqualification and the decision of FGAIPL shall be final and binding.

Any person who is: (a) an employee of any company involved in the Contest herein (including FGAIPL); or (b) a family member of such employee, is not eligible to enter into the Contest herein. FGAIPL reserves the right to disqualify any person that it knows is, or has reasonable grounds to believe is, ineligible for the Contest as a result of this Clause.

In the event that a Prize-winner becomes disqualified from the Contest due to any reasons as specified in the T C, FGAIPL will straightway select a next eligible Prize-winner in the same manner as specified herein and such selection shall be final subject to the provisions hereof.

Entries must be made on or before the Closing Date and in the manner set out in the T C. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

There is no requirement to make any purchase in order to enter the Contest.

Unless otherwise stated in the T C, only one Entry per person is permitted. In the event that FGAIPL discovers or has reasonable grounds to believe that the same person has made multiple entries, such person and all the entries made by such person or persons shall be disqualified irrespective of whether such entrant has been selected and / or announced to be a prize winner as per these T C. FGAIPL accepts no responsibility for the return or rejection of any Entries for whatsoever reasons.

Prize-winners will be selected and notified in the manner set out in these T C. No prize will be awarded where any entrant has committed any breach by way of violation of these Competition Terms or providing false information or breach of applicable laws of land including but not limited to Information Technology Act in relation to one s participation in the Competition herein.

Where Entries are judged on requisite criteria, FGAIPL reserves the right to set amend the criteria to be used or adopted to evaluate / judge the Entries.

Prizes are non-transferable and there is no cash alternative. In the event of a prize being unavailable for any reason. FGAIPL reserve the right to substitute or change the prize(s) of equal or greater economic value at any time during the Competition.

Prizes must be accepted in the manner set out in the Prize Notification. In the event that any Prize Notification is returned as undeliverable or any Prize-winner fails to validly reply to a Prize Notification within 28 days from the date of Prize Notification, FGAIPL reserves the right to disqualify the Prize-winner and select an alternative Prize-winner in accordance with the provisions of these Competition Terms.

You agree and assure the Company that your personal data and information as you have provided or will provide to the Company is and shall be true and correct and that you shall immediately and on your own update the Company about any change in the personal data or information provided by you.

You consent and authorize the Company to receive, store, use, process and disclose, as permitted under law, your personal data and information as well as to transfer the same to Company s subsidiary and associate companies.

Participation in the Competition is the choice of entrants and as per the free will of the entrants. FGAIPL accepts no responsibility for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment of any kind caused or suffered by any entrant as a result of participation the Competition herein, including a particular entrant s winning or not winning any prize.

FGAIPL accepts no responsibility for Entries lost, damaged or delayed in the post, or due to computer error in transit.

FGAIPL reserves the right to modify, change or amend these Competition Terms in the interest of the Competition without any prior intimation to the entrants in this Competition or members of general public and the decision of FGAIPL shall be final and binding.

In the event of any breach on the part of entrants of applicable laws or infringement of rights of third party or parties or otherwise, entrants shall be solely liable for the same to the completion of exclusion of FGAIPL. And the entrant hereby agrees to indemnify and hold FGAIPL harmless from and against any loss or claim or damages or expense, which may be incurred or suffered by the Company due to any breach of foregoing terms and conditions by the entrant.

Selection or rejection of entries and prize winners shall be as per sole and absolute discretion of FGAIPL. Success and / or outcome of the Competition herein is totally dependent upon the entrants and their entries fulfilling the requisite criteria as per these Competition Terms and in view of the nature of requirement for entries, which will involve artistic and subjective contents, there could be circumstances that FGAIPL may not be able to select the entry(ies) or prize winner(s) and there may not be any prize winner at the end of the Competition.

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