Apr 30 2017

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Had a reservation for a full size car for my wife and I and twin kindergarteners for pick up on 12:15 Am on 23 Feb (early Thursday Morning). We got our bags around 11:50PM on Wednesday night. If you arrive after hours you are to call a toll free number or call branch from the phone bank at MCO. Using my cell phone I called the toll free number on the reservation email. Turns out this is a national number and it tells you to call another toll free number after some voice prompts. So much for efficiency! I call this second toll free MCO branch number and get voicemail. I go to the phone bank inside the terminal and get voicemail. I then go outside to wait curbside praying the van comes anyhow all the while try to call the branch and only getting voicemail. I call over and over again with only voicemail. Low and behold about 20 minutes later (around 1220AM) a mini-bus arrives and the driver says sorry we are out of cars- arrangements have been made with EZ rental car and they will honor your rate. She hands me a piece of paper that says the exact same thing. I go to EZ rental car and they said- we won t honor their low rate. They haven t made any arrangements with us. (Note they did say they have helped in the past but they were not prepared for the onslaught of un-happy Fox Renters. EZ claimed all we have are premiums and large SUV s for $150 a night. After some negotiation the rate went down but still over $100 a day as clearly they were in the business of taking advantage of my (and others) bad situation.

About and hour and fifteen minutes after the first voice mail to FOX this debacle ends. I successfully book an economy car from an on site vendor online thru Orbitz using my I-pad. They don t have any cars but I get an auto upgrade to a large SUV that they had on site.

FOX RENTAL CARS IS A BUNCH OF SCHMUCKS! What part of reservation don t they understand? Where is their customer service? They should have had a manager present at the airport and assisted/ in this process. They just having a bus driver pass out a form letter which was a total lie. They lacked any regard for my young family and basically left my young family stranded at MCO without a car after midnight. This whole story is a classic story of what not to do when it comes to customer service.

Wait- it get s better. A few days later I get an email survey from corporate asking me 4 questions as to why I didn t pick up my reservation! Needless to say I was less than complimentary.

I have rented from Fox in LA once or twice before with no problems other than long lines at check in. My rule of thumb- if you book with the el cheapo car company have a plan B reservation to prevent this from happening.

I d like to add a few years ago I was Hertz Platinum so it s not like I have never rented a car before. This is the only reason I knew to jump online and book thru another vendor. I have also been walked at a hotel before but at least the hotels know how to treat you when they can t fill your reservation.


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