Jul 4 2018

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work in greece

In my heart I knew he d gone, but I waited to see if he would come.

The food he had – was just given as bait , fixed with poison, so to seal his fate.

I carried on with my pups in tow, Is there nowhere safe where we can go?

We pass some others so cruelly chained we shiver with fear as we see the maimed.

What is that noise coming from that place . Another soul being thrown to the waste?

What was his crime? makes no sense there are many there. it s hot the stench .

Ouch, I ve fallen. the kick was hard, my pups have scattered and hide in the yard

The pain is mixing with the sandfly bite no more can I take, I m losing the fight.

Goodbye cruel world. my life is done, t he rest will go, by the noose or the gun.

The shelters are full and volunteers few they try to help us – there s so much to do.


We now have a life full of love, food . and peace w e were saved by YOUR pennies and

We get numerous calls and emails from tourists returning from a holiday in Greece when they have been disturbed by the level of animal abuse and they say they will never go back again. If this is your experience, please do something about it by completing and sending this form. Please also send a copy to the Panhellenic Animal Welfare Federation by emailing [email protected] Together we can try to make a difference and get our voices heard .

Work in greece

‘One of the shelters we support was in desperate need of some new kennels so we replaced 20 of them. They are around 90 Euros each so if anyone would like to buy any more for them please contact us.’

Work in greece Work in greece

‘The Plight of Hunting Dogs in Greece’

Work in greece

This pathetic little soul was sadly born as a ‘hunting’ dog in Greece and paid the ultimate price. It is common practice for the hunters to keep their dogs in tiny cages so that they can hardly move. They then starve them because they stupidly think that the dog will hunt better because it is so hungry. The fact of the matter is that the dog is so weak, emaciated, and without muscle that it can do nothing. At that point the hunter dumps them and, of course, they have little or no chance of survival. A British man living in Greece recently found this particular dog and took her to the vet for help. Sadly she had leishmaniasis to such a high degree that the kindest thing to do was to put her to sleep. I can understand that this man is haunted by her look because she trusted him and he felt that he let her down. However, he gave her the greatest gift of all in her circumstances and at least she died peacefully and with dignity. Sadly, there are hundreds of little dogs in the same situation all over Greece and the authorities still choose to ignore them .

180 dogs in a shelter in Thassos today only had out of date crisps as there was no money left to buy them food .

Work in greece Work in greece

Work in greece

You can show your love for just Ј2.50 a week.

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Work in greece

How do you get rid of your rubbish? Dump it outside for the dustman? Take it to the tip?

In Greece that’s how many people get rid of their unwanted animals.

We actually have photos of puppies left on a rubbish tip, and of dumped kittens – one in a dustbin, and another in a flower pot.

Work in greeceWork in greece

Dumped on a rubbish tip thrown in a dustbin

Very few cats and dogs have responsible owners in Greece, and most have a very short and miserable existence. And although there are animal welfare laws, they are seldom, if ever, enforced, and therefore there are thousands of stray, sick, and injured animals with no access to things we take for granted in Britain:

Puppies and Kittens are often found discarded in the dustbin with the kitchen waste just like these

Work in greeceWork in greece

Help us prevent this cruelty

Please make a contribution NOW!

Those that do survive they frequently poisoned – just a normal way of life to so many Greeks, even though this is illegal practice.

Work in greece

Work in greece

This results in a constant flow of kittens and puppies to replace the dying adult population, and so the sad cycle starts again, year in, year out.

Animals suffering with any of these conditions will rarely be offered any veterinary care, as few people bother to help them. The results are truly shocking .(Note. This link shows a picture that may cause distress.)

Work in greece

Work in greece

It is difficult for us in Britain to understand why people would own a dog, just to leave it chained up, and how living animals can be treated with such indifference or cruelty.

Thankfully, there are some animal welfare groups trying to alleviate the suffering.

The situation has been described as ‘trying to empty an ocean with a teaspoon‘ , but we believe that every animal spared such suffering worth the effort.

Hopefully, in time, the Greek attitude towards animal welfare will improve, but in the meantime, we shall continue with our efforts.

YOU can help us in any number of ways, both big and small. Use the links above to see how.

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