Aug 25 2017

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IFA Insurance

Save Over 40% By Comparing Multiple Insurance Quotes.

IFA Insurance Company started doing business in New Jersey 35 years ago. The company now exclusively writes private passenger automobile insurance in that state as well as Pennsylvania. Over the years, there have been a number of major changes in the way insurance is written both in these two states as well as across the country, but the IFA Insurance Company has been able to adapt, adopt and roll with these changes in both the industry and the economy. Many of the larger insurance companies have stopped covering certain states especially in New Jersey or have closed completely, but IFA Insurance remains strong.

New Jersey residents typically pay high insurance rates which are usually among the highest rates in the entire country. With this in mind, it is important to always shop for the best rates that can be found from a company that understands the state and its insurance needs. IFA Insurance offers its New Jersey and Pennsylvania customers good coverage at low rates with easy options so that everyone can afford to have better car insurance.

In addition to the low rates and options, IFA Insurance offers a number of online tools, not only to make insurance more accessible to the modern customer but to make it more understandable as well. The website offers tools to help customers learn about insurance terminology, the components of coverage and the breakdown of insurance rates and why they can be so different for so many people. Knowing what the terms are and what they mean can help you be a smart insurance shopper.

IFA Insurance is written exclusively for residents of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, however, there are limits and restrictions and not all policies can be written for all residents. In addition, the savings that you see with IFA Insurance could be different from what you would see with other companies.

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