Oct 4 2017

Google officially launches Compare auto insurance tool #comparing #car #insurance #plans

#compare auto insurance

Google officially launches Compare auto insurance tool

Google might not be selling its autonomous car quite yet, but the search giant is dipping into another major facet of the auto industry in the US with the launch of its Google Compare Auto Insurance website.

As previously rumored. the site lets people get car insurance quotes, and Google gets a portion of any sales. At the moment, the service only works for those in California, but the tech company reportedly is cleared to sell in 26 states in the future. The search business has offered a similar tool in the UK since 2012.

Google’s Compare site offers a simple layout, and it first asks users for their zip code. The tool then asks for further information about a user’s address and vehicle. After selecting the desired coverage, the services spits out quotes from 14 insurers. According to TechCrunch . in addition to going to the page directly, searches for “car insurance” in the future should also direct people there as an option .

While the Compare site is yet another revenue stream for Google, it might also be a way to better understand the US car insurance market, according to TechCrunch. That knowledge could be vital down the road when it comes time to put the company’s autonomous vehicle into customer’s garages. The expertise could come in handy if the rumored Uber competitor actually happens, as well.

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