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November 9, 2005

Free credit cards

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As you can probably tell from some of the comments in the credit card section. some people don t seem to understand that the generator just makes numbers that look like credit cards, but are IN NO WAY actual credit card numbers.

So, in the hope of preventing any further requests for a card (I delete about 10 a day), here is the ultimate guide to getting your own free credit card

Many thanks to R from Aus for posting this on the previous incarnation of this site

HEY who wants a free **VALID** cc number with all info? Do you NeEd a cc number with the CVV2 code and ADDrESS. I did it and NOW I got a VALiD number I bought PS2, XBOX and a NEW WicKeD GAMING PC 3 GHz P4. AlL Uz wanting cc NUMBER with INFOS, I tell U ONE TIME, This is HOW u GET vAlId CC numberzzz. Guaranteed!!1!!

1. Goez in2 ur BANK! Sayz 2 the GIrL at the window: \”Hello, I would like 2 apply 4 A CREDIT CARD\”. Try to look innocent! IMPORTANT! >>Don\’t

whos ur momma said,

November 18, 2011 at 13:58

wow are you kidding me hmmm id like to see if this really works. deff looks like its a scam shit if it really worked dont you think most of the world would be rich. and if u was to do that and go to the bank ud put urself in debt. so whats the point in all these ppl trying to look this up . its rediculous. if this was real id wish to have money or whatever bc im dirt poor and have to work my ass off for money that i get. if its sooo real then hook me up id b the happieast person lol but this is crazyy..

lucus said,

September 10, 2011 at 15:23

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